Capitol Police officers describe horrors from the January 6 riot

Four officers shared the violence and harassment they endured while defending the U.S. Capitol from insurrectionists, as the House select committee investigates the January 6 attack.

07/28/2021 9:08 PM


  • Randy M.
    10/26/2021 11:19

    Trump brought it to you live clan klu Klux Klan is alive and well in America ain't nothing against the law for that white man nothing just showed you and he ain't going to jail

  • Art B.
    09/11/2021 23:52

    Umm yeah the Capitol “police” are not real cops and they certainly don’t do real police work. They are nothing more that glorified security guards at best. That’s why everything turned to hell in a hand basket so quickly. That’s what happens when you try to get a puppet security detail to do big boy police work.

  • Điệu R.
    08/01/2021 14:39

    no one is above the law the americans need to know the truth and bring the guilty to justice...!

  • Michel P.
    08/01/2021 13:36

    the biggest joke Trump is still free you are doomed rich people can get away with anything that is our justice

  • Florin G.
    08/01/2021 10:30

    Eliminarea lui DiCaprio din funcția politiei că este incompetent evoluției care se face funcția trebuie să fie ocupată de către Dan Bangino să fie la vot eliminarea lui DiCaprio și funcția lui DiCaprio va fii Dan Bangino

  • Joe B.
    07/31/2021 13:04

    If it was BLM or Antifa they would of burnt that MF down

  • Ken W.
    07/30/2021 19:41


  • Ron H.
    07/30/2021 10:52

    You were set up by your own government. So dont blame the pawns .

  • Anne S.
    07/30/2021 01:56

    The footage was so hard to hear and watch. Those insurrectionist were violent and determined to cause harm. The sight of the gallows with the noose was horrific. They were surely there to cause harm. It had to have been orchestrated and there have to have been bigger names than Trump involved. These people really believed they were there because God called them there. Thats scary.

  • Jerald L.
    07/29/2021 18:36

    What a nice day for tourists touring the Capitol

  • Felix H.
    07/29/2021 16:36

    We should let all the police officers who engaged in the riots this year testify before congress as well

  • Justice L.
    07/29/2021 13:39

    Wyte on Wyte crime ..WGAF ..🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Jim B.
    07/29/2021 11:35

    They've got some really good scripts they are reading from

  • Marie-Anne R.
    07/29/2021 11:22


  • Avanza P.
    07/29/2021 03:19

    Very dramatic recollection, who is the script writers !!!!!!!!!

  • Irina N.
    07/29/2021 03:01


  • Emanuelle R.
    07/29/2021 02:58

    Trump is a piece of excrement simple!!!

  • Papo C.
    07/29/2021 02:41

    I love the word one police used to describe them: 'TERRORIST', because that's EXACTLY what they are : T E R R O R I S T! DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

  • Banban M.
    07/29/2021 02:12

    Ahahaha release the body cam! Lol

  • Sy L.
    07/29/2021 01:51


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