• Sean S.
    10/14/2021 22:47

    The worst thing sense 911! People broke inside the capital and took selfies! While the hero's BLM and Antifa burned innocent people's businesses, murdered, and beat random people near death.

  • Eva-Maria H.
    10/05/2021 16:34

    What a lot of fools, idiots, thugs and ignoramus followers of the 45th windbag loser, storming the Capitol in the name of their crooked leader. They need to be locked up and if they don't want to eat let them be on the diet. What a bunch of laughable deplorables.

  • Stephen B.
    08/27/2021 13:43

    Ship them all off to bikini island 🏝

  • Kathleen B.
    08/26/2021 17:47

    Hey mom, boo hoo! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christine S.
    08/24/2021 13:19


  • Etta T.
    08/23/2021 01:13

    Dumb and Dumbest

  • Erika S.
    08/21/2021 22:08

    Now this bird and his big mouth is in jail

  • Enza B.
    08/20/2021 20:02


  • James D.
    08/19/2021 04:13

    The return of the Big Apple circus and has lead to justice

  • Scott J.
    08/18/2021 11:22

    They went from smug to tears pretty quick

  • LisaMarie B.
    08/17/2021 00:37

    A bunch of animals

  • Peggy I.
    08/16/2021 19:07

    Need to be in prison.

  • Barbara S.
    08/15/2021 22:29

    The dems done this.

  • Scott D.
    08/15/2021 22:25

    trea·son /ˈtrēzən/ noun the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. Why have laws if they are not enforced?

  • Leon C.
    08/15/2021 03:22

    😂😂😂😂😂 Muppets all over the place!!

  • William M.
    08/15/2021 01:05

    Yes Nancy this is a insurrection NOT.

  • Wayne S.
    08/14/2021 09:49

    You could say your buddy Trump got 600 charged suckers because nothings going to happen to him suckers he informed on 6 hundred of you did I happen to mention suckers I bet he’s going to get back in reinstate stated and pardon all of you suckers

  • Jeanine C.
    08/14/2021 06:56

    They all have trespassing charge! Lol where’s the insurrection?? We saw cops let them in! We spied dirty police!

  • Lance M.
    08/14/2021 06:50

    I want my mommmmmmmmy

  • Linda K.
    08/14/2021 06:06

    lock them up!

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