• Cheshka C.
    01/10/2022 10:38

    Ooohhh... Poor ba***rd

  • Jeremiah T.
    01/08/2022 13:09

    Comeuppance and schadenfreude.

  • Karen E.
    01/08/2022 02:53

    Yay ‼️yay‼️ Rioters! Go to Jail‼️

  • Juan A.
    01/07/2022 17:35

    Glad to have these animals off the street. I feel a bit safer.

  • Soumya C.
    01/07/2022 06:47

    Thank god these animals are in jail...in some countries they are roaming free...you what I mean.

  • Angel C.
    01/07/2022 04:13

    who really believes that circus! the white house and a shirtless clown gives them hell a waltmart has better security

  • Jason A.
    01/07/2022 01:54

    Jake had a perfectly reasonable defense... they were invited there by the POTUS, Donald Trump. Either charge everybody, or charge nobody. They don't want to charge a politician, because once you start holding politicians accountable for being criminals.... well... they will all be in prison.

  • Saša B.
    01/06/2022 16:07

    land of the free and home of the brave 😂 not more

  • Kevin V.
    01/06/2022 15:59

    America's brightest!!!!!

  • Wendy H.
    01/06/2022 15:09

    They disgraced America.

  • Olegario S.
    01/06/2022 08:01

    Wow! That's a bounch of very bright people!!😂🤦‍♂️

  • Marcos A.
    01/06/2022 07:45

    Jamiroquai's sounding a bit coarse, he should take care of his voice.

  • Leon J.
    01/06/2022 05:59

    This is amazing... The global Leaders of democracy not being able to uphold the scale of justice.

  • Tony v.
    01/06/2022 02:21

    Sentences should've been 5-20 years depending on the crime. But 2 months to 1.5 years is a bit short. There are people in jail longer over traffic violations.

  • Jesse A.
    01/06/2022 01:26

    What about the Palauan idiot parading the Palauan flag at the riot? Anyone arrested him/her yet?

  • Carol S.
    01/06/2022 00:48

    The public wants to know why the sentencing is so light.

  • Daryl L.
    01/06/2022 00:15

    What’s the point of this vid? Too many “How it’s going…” with no follow up. Sentences are too way light for the ones that actually got one since there’s obviously zero remorse.

  • William P.
    01/06/2022 00:06

    Don't drop your soap in the showers whist your in prison.

  • Stephen J.
    01/05/2022 23:41

    The sentences aren't stiff enough.

  • Terri K.
    01/05/2022 22:50

    Couldn't happen to a "finer" bunch of ignorant fools😏

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