• Annie W.
    3 hours

    He’s not my President! Trump is a disgrace to America 👀😱

  • Lois G.
    5 hours


  • Phil D.
    5 hours

    Such BS, blind MF's EVERYWHERE!!!

  • Bartolome R.
    5 hours

    I've never read the comments of so many news media brainwashed idiots in all my life. You people let the media lead you around like sheep. You're incapable of formulating an independent rational reasonable thought! Communist love useful idiots like you! With people this stupid your country deserves an idiotic puppet like Joe Biden that's going to be controlled by the globalists like a rag doll! China is your new master!

  • Reagan M.
    5 hours


  • Tommy F.
    7 hours

    Joe Biden is a common theft the American people knows their vote was stolen Joe Biden needs to poke his head out and meet his voters lol

  • Martin C.
    7 hours

    Joe Biden is your new President you bunch of sore losers

  • Melinda R.
    8 hours


  • Terry F.
    9 hours

    No he did not WIN.....everyone knows the election was rigged. He won't be anyone's President long .That is planned out too.

  • Sherry H.
    9 hours

    He didnt win the election they closed there eyes Traitors Tresons cheatersthey all will pay TRUST IN THE LORD

  • Mary E.
    10 hours

    You already did!!!!!!!

  • Stella M.
    10 hours

    No is not??

  • Toni M.
    12 hours

    Like you didn't know!

  • Renee W.
    13 hours

    Tell Joe China called... family dinner is at 6 tonite

  • Renee W.
    13 hours


  • Lamar D.
    13 hours

    Nothing new under the sun. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55648011

  • Jean S.
    14 hours

    So sad

  • Mark T.
    14 hours

    going to jail...

  • Arnoldndaisy T.
    15 hours


  • ML H.
    18 hours

    Nothing lawfully about them being elected

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