• Christopher N.
    08/30/2017 20:20

    Fat Sack of Shit🐖🐖🐖

  • Chad H.
    08/30/2017 22:53

    That is completely unacceptable. People in leadership roles should hardly ever and only by honest mistake be speaking untruthful statements. Lying is not acceptable PERIOD

  • Michelle L.
    08/31/2017 00:06

    He's out of his mind. I didn't know you could destroy your brain function by eating too much deli meat.

  • Jesse R.
    08/31/2017 00:20


  • Anthony R.
    08/31/2017 00:32

    Fire that fat ass

  • Sean S.
    08/31/2017 01:22

    A liar cant stand a liar... who da thunk?

  • Chase T.
    08/31/2017 01:41

    NO CHANCE CNN has higher rating lolol

  • Maya T.
    08/31/2017 02:31

    Nigga this is why your own state hates you

  • Tommy S.
    08/31/2017 02:39

    Did he catch 45's weird disease? Why's he orange too?

  • Anthony W.
    08/31/2017 02:44

    Why does it take a liar to talk about another liar?

  • Michael R.
    08/31/2017 03:16

    Chris Christie lied about his opponent during his first ever election campaign in order to win. He should talk. Was an asshole, still is an asshole. O:)

  • Kris T.
    08/31/2017 03:20

    CNN IS LOWER THAN CARTOONS! Fact. what a job you guys are doing. just showing more fake facts and the people know it. It's easy to look up and I feel sorry that you think that your journalist are doing this country a favor. What happened to real news? Natural disaster in Texas and all your worried about are false facts. You just found out that Texas hates CNN, I wonder how many other states do besides your currupt coast city's do. The news is out and you're not going to like it

  • Matt H.
    08/31/2017 03:37

    Just because your Orange leader, aka Donny Moscow, calls it fake news doesn't mean it is. He has brainwashed you all. Say it over and over and over again and eventually.........

  • John R.
    08/31/2017 04:47

    Well I used to like him

  • Rick W.
    08/31/2017 06:19

    WoW ,, can that nose get any more Brown . . . haaa

  • Ken R.
    08/31/2017 08:13

    Your dad never did care for this fat ass

  • Mike V.
    08/31/2017 08:39

    Don't forget this is the guy who shut down a bridge to get revenge on political opponent then lied about it. I would expect nothing less.

  • Mark A.
    08/31/2017 10:14

    Chris Christie is a spray tanned pig fvcker

  • Susan K.
    08/31/2017 10:55

    WHOOOO, then.....DO the haters feel would make the absolute IDEAL president who represents ALLL people????????

  • Adam H.
    08/31/2017 10:57

    Cuz he's a liar too wtf how is this news worthy news flash they are all crooked