Clinton and Bush are wise and funny!

[HOW TO] How to be a President. A DIY by President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush! 💯 😂 (we can't be the only ones thinking they should get a comedy special, right?)

07/14/2017 6:00 PM
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  • Bronwen H.
    07/14/2017 18:16

    But the orange one doesn't listen to anyone but himself.

  • Ryan K.
    07/14/2017 18:35

    But listening to these two is like listening to Obama and hillary, it's kinda hipocritical

  • Jim L.
    07/14/2017 18:35

    Thought I saw a stain on Clinton's blue suit...anyone else see it..?

  • Chris D.
    07/14/2017 18:50


  • Dan O.
    07/14/2017 18:51

    They forgot the part about continuing warfare in the Middle East for Oil while manipulating the masses with fear, can't forget that one it's essential for American Imperialism.

  • Alexander T.
    07/14/2017 18:55

    best thing that can happen to you in politics is to be consistently underestimated - bill clinton

  • Jess G.
    07/14/2017 19:12

    create a policy to keep queer soldiers closeted? No a war criminal, but act like you're not THAT kind of war criminal.

  • Anthony R.
    07/14/2017 19:24

    is this a fucking joke starts a war and the other rapes females,ya great guys.....................

  • Pat D.
    07/14/2017 19:25

    oh my... my impression was that this was just supposed to be funny, and look at the negativity that jumped out...including mispelliing... wow.

  • Julio V.
    07/14/2017 19:30

    Bill how could you listen to those women's stories with them under your desk?

  • Kevin L.
    07/14/2017 20:05


  • Anezio F.
    07/14/2017 20:18

    I want to see the video on how not to collide with Russia lol

  • Nicole C.
    07/14/2017 20:19

    Danielle Willms

  • Levi M.
    07/14/2017 20:25

    I never thought I would be missing bush. What a messed up time this is lol

  • Chris G.
    07/14/2017 20:30

    Find it so funny people still think Bush jr was better than trump and trump has only been in the White House for about 6 or 7 months. Bias much? Lol

  • Mark W.
    07/14/2017 20:33

    Bush is still an asshole

  • Connie J.
    07/14/2017 20:38

    Yea, Clinton got a story alright!!!!!

  • Emerald K.
    07/14/2017 20:39

    bitch sit humble lmaooo

  • Zach C.
    07/14/2017 20:47

    This ❤️

  • Decarlos E.
    07/14/2017 20:50

    George W Bush say brother from another mother😂😂😂😂