Clinton on current diplomacy

"Get over the Twitter stuff and get on the diplomatic negotiations." Hillary Clinton has a lot to say about how Secretary Tillerson is running the Department of State!

09/15/2017 2:57 PM


  • Ron G.
    09/19/2017 02:13

    BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, she hung them out to dry.

  • Ryan P.
    09/18/2017 04:02

    Bitch go away!! Lol Your opinion is irrelevant.

  • Jeremy M.
    09/16/2017 13:45

    Get em hillary

  • Timothy R.
    09/16/2017 13:12

    "They don't know what they don't know" - nail on the head. Exactly. Hillary has "flipped flopped" numerous times in her life because policy changes or circumstances do. You have to admit you are wrong and sometimes do not have the best information at the time. That's leadership. Like trump said. The job is "hard" - and he doesn't understand the scope nor does his cabinet.

  • Nick L.
    09/16/2017 10:50

    Like she dived into help the people of bengazi we lost hmmmmm

  • Ubo M.
    09/16/2017 09:59

    She was cool

  • Jas J.
    09/16/2017 05:42

    What she meant to say is my bank account # is this. IF you give me money I give you what you want, see I learned from Obama its a get rich deal and sell out America. Your welcome for the translation.

  • Jackson N.
    09/16/2017 05:25

    Y'all out here trying to critique an expert in foreign relations and government policy, she literally has a JD from Yale, what is the best way to handle a situation in her field of expertise? Like damn what are your credentials?

  • Shatter S.
    09/16/2017 04:57

    Don't like her... But, she's not wrong

  • Abe R.
    09/16/2017 03:51

    She does have a valid point

  • Derek M.
    09/16/2017 03:35

    its Emma

  • Keegan A.
    09/16/2017 03:07

    I love Hillary she is so right she is my President forever .Sharp intelligent articulate and to the point

  • Guido G.
    09/16/2017 02:33

    why can't this decent intelligent human being be the president?

  • Mike B.
    09/16/2017 02:31

    Backseat driver should stop talking.

  • Mark M.
    09/16/2017 02:23

    the two time loser is pointing the finger. isn't that the way it always is?

  • Taylor S.
    09/16/2017 01:38

    Spoken like a true loser, her husband made a deal with north korea when he was in office and that deal was supposedly going to stop them from making nuclear weapons, she should ask bill why it didnt work

  • Rick S.
    09/16/2017 01:35

    How could I dislike this video?

  • Brandon D.
    09/16/2017 00:56

    All I see is commie trash... free heli rides boys come on board

  • Adam C.
    09/16/2017 00:31

    Benghazi. Treason. By law, she is to be put to death by firing squad. That is the only offence with that punishment.

  • Jason B.
    09/16/2017 00:19

    Praise God she , the real clear and present danger to our country, is done and not president!!!

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