• Christopher G.
    08/30/2017 13:07

    This the interview I was telling you bout babe

  • Creshanda R.
    08/30/2017 13:09


  • Jamison S.
    08/30/2017 13:18

    Seriously. Tf man. Time and a place where

  • Grace C.
    08/30/2017 13:48

    She could have refused the interview but instead she kept talking and then lashed out at the reporter. 😒

  • Julien P.
    08/30/2017 13:58

    Reporters nowadays are going waaaaay too far. Always asking the same questions such as "how were you rescued", they could just ask one person that question and that's it but naaah they want to know if someone was rescued by Jesus or something

  • Julien P.
    08/30/2017 14:00

    Dumb questions don't make a story, stop asking things like "how do you feel right now?" or "what are your plans after this?"...

  • Linda K.
    08/30/2017 14:01


  • Agung P.
    08/30/2017 14:02

    Journalism gone too far.

  • Jarvis S.
    08/30/2017 14:07

    In reality everyone isn't going to give you that garden variety interview. That lady has lost everything no she not in a good mood. People life's have been destroyed and they're running around with cameras and Microphones. When it's over they get to go back to their cushy Hotel rooms. But the victims are in for the long haul.

  • Giovonni W.
    08/30/2017 14:42

    People need to wake up in general. real talk, regardless of the hurricane or not people dealing with real life every day. This is not make believe, we just keeping our composure. #wakeupamericans

  • Rhyan C.
    08/30/2017 15:15

    What did the news cast think would happen these people are in the middle of a tragedy, no body in their right mind would want to casually tell you about how they were just stranded in their own homes like that

  • Genaro G.
    08/30/2017 15:19

    Have mercy God ALMIGHTY on all those in this tragedy

  • Shannon E.
    08/30/2017 15:29

    Good for her!!!!

  • Socialworker S.
    08/30/2017 15:33

    The lady is right. She is suffering shock and fear and frustration. Leave her be. How about the reporter should have just said we are so glad you and your kids are safe, instead of trying to get some story out of a scared lady.

  • Carole R.
    08/30/2017 15:36

    Poor woman they need help not hindrance

  • JM S.
    08/30/2017 15:36

    Dont do the interview then asshole.

  • Richard P.
    08/30/2017 15:38

    cnn and all of them are fucking idiots,...

  • Johnathan L.
    08/30/2017 15:56

    I feel for the people suffering, but I have issues with taking things out on people who did nothing to you. If your not in a place mentally that your able to answer questions then simply say so.

  • Sandria D.
    08/30/2017 15:59

    The young lady was due for a melt down! I enjoy the media but gets a little out of hand.

  • Christine T.
    08/30/2017 16:08

    Love to the Mother for speaking out.