CNN reporter vs Harvey survivor

This reporter's interview with a Harvey survivor didn't go the way she wanted.

08/30/2017 1:00 PM
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  • Naquisha J.
    10/20/2017 12:43

    Ummmmm, you probably should've put your own kids in danger, not the news reporter.

  • Naquisha J.
    10/20/2017 12:39

    If no news channels were, people would've been asking where were they to report; she could've kept it moving

  • Grace F.
    10/20/2017 12:34

    Black women are just unpredictable!

  • Esp K.
    10/20/2017 05:38

    They don't really care sweetiejust gettin views

  • Rosemary J.
    10/20/2017 03:47

    This needed to be said because she has a point. Sure did accept that interview like she had something to say for all these reporters out there getting paid to come n go as they please.

  • Todd B.
    10/20/2017 02:55

    Typical CNN. Idiots.

  • Antonio G.
    10/19/2017 17:40

    Its not the reporters fault

  • Steven M.
    10/19/2017 14:15

    Bruh .

  • Sairi I.
    10/19/2017 14:02

    Bitch could have refused and said her kids needed food and dry clothes. Reporters want other people to know what is going on, so they cam help. Fk this bitch!!!

  • Sokhim P.
    10/19/2017 12:05

    She had to say it or the reporter would go around and continue to try and interview other people.

  • David R.
    10/19/2017 09:48

    Go get your story somewhere else bitch as if you give a damn about us.

  • SC Y.
    10/19/2017 09:35

    And she steady running her mouth. If she was so offended why do the interview?

  • Anthony G.
    10/19/2017 09:32

    She should have punched that CNN cunt in the mouth.

  • Lynette H.
    10/19/2017 08:48


  • Daniel H.
    10/19/2017 07:46

    Its your life try to save it if there is no help coming simple.

  • Richard C.
    10/19/2017 07:23

    And now a word from our sponsors

  • Shirley L.
    10/19/2017 07:22


  • Talia P.
    10/19/2017 06:43

    Yesssss. CUNT

  • Jason M.
    10/19/2017 06:21

    Bitch be grateful you’re alive

  • Rosalino R.
    10/19/2017 06:20

    People have to understand this lady lost everything. She could’ve have lost her life. Her children’s could’ve died. Its normal to over react .. people just have to be more understanding