Congressman Al Green is an LGBTQ ally

Congressman Al Green gave a powerful speech for LGBTQ rights because he knows "what discrimination smells like."

07/03/2017 12:00 AM


  • Ruth D.
    07/13/2017 23:53

    You're an embarrassment to the South.

  • Richard M.
    07/05/2017 14:57

    Sorry KT; Al Green is a grandstanding hypocrite who uses the struggle of others to further his image. Talk is cheap Al; show us by doing not posing.

  • Logan C.
    07/04/2017 22:42

    😅😅😅 You can smell discrimination now

  • Larry R.
    07/04/2017 20:55


  • Lanett D.
    07/04/2017 20:17

    New word for the day: invidious

  • Brandon P.
    07/04/2017 20:12

    Doesn't the Q stand for the same the the G stands for?

  • Alex B.
    07/04/2017 20:07


  • Bobby A.
    07/04/2017 17:39

    I say this all the time we can't allow discrimination anywhere. Even with the gays, I definitely don't agree with it especially not transgender but if we allow discrimination to occur anywhere we are allowing discrimination.

  • Christopher B.
    07/04/2017 17:37

    You can't smell discrimination stupid

  • Rich L.
    07/04/2017 17:36

    Wow! Hero!

  • Theresa A.
    07/04/2017 17:14

    I thought Q was for questioning, not Queer. But... I could be wrong. I may not agree with his comparison of discrimination, but it does exist. Every citizen deserves fair & equal treatment- Regardless of their sexuality

  • Helen W.
    07/04/2017 17:07

    Talk about smell - he looks like he needs a good LONG shower! Also, please shave that ugly mess of a "beard" off of your face.

  • Pilar W.
    07/04/2017 15:17

    What I find crazy are the comments from black individuals. "Fags" "Dikes" etc., but let a white person say the N word and y'all ready to fight. Both the LGBTQ community and black community are discriminated against, so explain to me why it is so important that blacks are quick to use "well we got it worse" argument? When did who gets mistreated the worst mattered? Yes the black history of mistreatment is longer and more violent, but the LGBTQ community has had members killed and beaten for being gay or trans. Blacks want black LGBTQ individuals to stand up when a black man or woman is unarmed and killed, which we do, but heterosexual blacks never say anything when a black LGBTQ individual is discriminated against for being gay or trans. Heterosexual blacks use their religion to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, but they love to forget how the Bible was used by white Americans to discriminate against them. The hypocrisy in the black community is a huge problem. We tell white folks that they have to be the focus of something, but let something be about supporting the LGBTQ community or talk about how the LGBTQ community is discriminated against, and black people have to say something to be the focus. Discrimination is discrimination, and the more we focus on who has it worse the more neither group will progress towards equality for their groups. P.S. - black people whether you want to believe it or not, the LGBTQ community does not have more rights than you. Marriage wasn't the only right LGBTQ individuals didn't have. Do some research on what it is the LGBTQ community is still fighting for.

  • Ayanna R.
    07/04/2017 15:15

    It doesn't make sense why does homosexuals desire an acknowledgement of their sexual Preference- I'm mean they are everywhere living theirs lives for centuries nobodies protesting , they don't lose there lives, they are the rich, and they've NEVER been oppressed, restricted or denied freedom why in the world would you be so disrespectful to compare a gay person agenda to influence other people to accept a sexual preference to the Struggle of the Black community .. I feel disrespected..

  • Jeneen K.
    07/04/2017 15:02

    Sick world we live in ....glad to see some of us still have morals

  • Dillon W.
    07/04/2017 14:57

    His face looks like he smells a lot more than discrimination

  • Tae'lor M.
    07/04/2017 14:27

    "But you can hide being homosexual you cant hide being black." I understand why people think sexuality and race are two completely different things. But in order to get to the real root of anti homosexuality especially in the black communities you have to learn our true history. America has a long history of breeding/sex farms. Master like to show dominance they wanted to reduce you as much as possible. That's why they made it illegal to read and write. They separated us and a far more heinous act was Buck breaking. This is when the master preform sexually acts on men in front of their wives and children to degrade them and take away there masculinity. Sex was used as a weapon. During that time this is also when the studies and examinations of Black women diagnosing us as very promiscuous due to there larger buttocks and breast. And these stereotypes and feelings toward homosexuality continues to follow us today.

  • Michael S.
    07/04/2017 14:26


  • Vincent L.
    07/04/2017 14:20

    Yet he endorsed the candidate that does not think lgbt people deserve equal rights until 2014 when it's political suicide not to instead of the senator that's been pro-gay for decades. He's a fraud and any self respecting queer shouldn't trust him.

  • Cleveland H.
    07/04/2017 13:55

    Civil rights, jim crow era, the inhuman treatment against black people is not the same nor can u compare it the LGTB issues or pride month

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