Congresswoman Grills Bank CEO on Employee Pay

Banking CEO Jamie Dimon (salary: $31 million) was stumped when asked how one of his employees could manage her $567 monthly budget shortfall.

04/12/2019 7:35 PMupdated: 04/12/2019 7:48 PM
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  • Joe Y.
    7 days

    Maybe she shouldn’t be having babies while working an entry level job. I fully support every woman’s right to have children. As long as you understand it’s not anyone else’s responsibility to pay for them.

  • Leigh K.
    7 days

    She is great.

  • Leroy C.
    7 days

    Joe Ybor your and must also be a trump supporter.these idiot's are making things worse.with there pro life bs they only want abortions when their mistress get pregnant

  • Ed D.
    7 days

    I don't think he deserves his $31,000,000 salary if he can't figure this out.

  • Tj S.
    7 days

    Where is her child support from her child dad

  • Eddie F.
    7 days

    in a capitalist society, its supply and demand. find another job, work 2 jobs, cut expenses, spend less than u make etc... if no one fills the teller jobs then they will have to raise the pay. So a baseball player making 15 million plus a year is at fault for the security and hot dog and beer venders making minimum wage????

  • Jean M.
    7 days

    she is evil

  • Abang L.
    7 days

    The world is just not a fair place

  • Brynnan C.
    7 days

    Well she doesn't have to live in California.. I'm a landlord and my houses average 500 a month so stop living beyond your means

  • Nathan B.
    7 days

    Was she forced to take the job?...or is she free to get another job?

  • Siende A.
    7 days


  • Larry Y.
    7 days

    Tightwad, greedy, capitalists!

  • Gordon W.
    7 days

    These bankers all need a reality check and start jailing them and politicians that break the law, then and only then will things change

  • Jasedin M.
    7 days

    Must be nice for him to make monthly 2,5 mil or almost 600k weekly.

  • Brut
    7 days

    Rep. Al Green asked bank CEOs to raise their hands if they think their successor will be anything other than a white man. Guess what happened next.

  • Marie W.
    7 days

    how is it that so many miss the point? Greed?

  • Alex E.
    7 days

    Not his fault that she got knocked up and choose the way she lives now. It’s about personal choice lol

  • Munsey A.
    7 days

    He’s Despicable

  • Mareena C.
    7 days

    She is great!!!!

  • أمين أ.
    7 days

    رجل جاااحد