Conway on Americans on Medicaid

Why don't able-bodied Americans on Medicaid just get a job?! Kellyanne Conway thinks they should.

06/26/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Amber R.
    06/26/2017 16:43

    And when those legitimate jobs do not offer insurance?

  • Rusty S.
    06/26/2017 16:44

    Right, because every single job offers health insurance in alternative facts land...

  • Adav Z.
    06/26/2017 16:54

    But at least get a job, doesn't mean you need to get expensive insurance. Once Obama care is replaced there might be more choices

  • Harvel S.
    06/26/2017 17:03

    ......if they were able bodied, they wouldn't need Medicaid now would they?....

  • Coco F.
    06/26/2017 17:07

    who is the judge of who is "able bodied?" better not be these hateful money grabbers in the House & Senate

  • Scott S.
    06/26/2017 17:11

    Thats the problem !!! People DO NOT want to work!!!!

  • Droseph M.
    06/26/2017 17:23

    This bitch look like the grim reaper 💀💀💀

  • Jean N.
    06/26/2017 17:26

    They aren't out here too many kids and no education or businesses in there communitys community's are gone shopping centers clothing stores foodstores everything l. Too much crime and drugs

  • Clarice J.
    06/26/2017 17:33

    I know of too many cases, way too many, who are receiving Medicaid when they are capable of holding down jobs. It has gotten out of hand just like everything else, and people being what they are have taken terrible advantage.

  • Bill C.
    06/26/2017 17:35

    Brut news is biased. They cut her voice and then type in what they want you to believe she saying. Fake news

  • J P.
    06/26/2017 17:37

    The truth is nobody should depend on government subsidiary agencies. If you work your employer should provide insurance we done that for the last 40+ years.

  • Kendra N.
    06/26/2017 17:43

    Conjob Conway at it again. Blaming the hardworking people who can't get by on minimum wage alone, who dont have insurance options, or the elderly who may be able bodied but certainly can't put in a 40 or 50 hour work week and who depend on medicaid for being lazy?! What an idiot.

  • Cynthia B.
    06/26/2017 17:49

    Umm, does she even know what she's talking about? It never ceases to amaze me how over privileged elected officials seem to think everyone on Medicaid are capable of affording or even working more than they are are and do.

  • Adam D.
    06/26/2017 17:54

    She thinks, as she stated by the way, that if you are able bodied (meaning physically capable) then you should get a job. Every job that has full time offers employee health care. This is a fact and it is a good decision to make. I agree with her, if you are capable of working then you should be working rather than collecting unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, and government health care. The only people who should be collecting these benefits as their sole income and health care should be the people incapable of working such as, physically handicapped people, people with a mental disorder, people who have a physical or mental issue such as. But not limited to, autism or down syndrome. If you are fully capable of having a full time job and the only thing stopping you is that you don't want to have to work then you shouldn't get a better life and free stuff that puts you ahead of all the people who do work for a living.

  • Linda D.
    06/26/2017 17:55

    I agree, Obama gave Medicare to anybody that signed up for it , he knew he wasn't running again but it guaranteed votes for Democrats.

  • Delshaun W.
    06/26/2017 17:56

    This is funny

  • Jean N.
    06/26/2017 17:57

    Abled body doesn't mean you can get a gob means you can walk not brainsl.

  • Deborah B.
    06/26/2017 18:15

    I have worked ever since I was 16 YO, usually at minimum wage and only two employers in 50 years provided health insurance, obviously Kellyanne lives in a different America than you and I, oh that's right she's a legal professional.

  • Margie C.
    06/26/2017 18:22

    Able bodied!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy L.
    06/26/2017 18:24

    Yes these people work low paying jobs because republicans will not support a living wage. These low paying jobs are not full time so not insurance or they are contractors to corporations so the companies don't have to give them benefits. So they are on Medicaid.