Cop investigated for excessive force gets no punishment

The same cop who shot an unarmed man in a hotel corridor used excessive force on a teen a year before. Warning: graphic content.

12/19/2017 2:10 AM
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  • Christopher J.
    12/19/2017 02:15

    Hope this punk gets the worst type of punishment

  • Stratotes P.
    12/19/2017 02:17

    Phillip is a terrorist...

  • Sean S.
    12/19/2017 02:17

    He got picked on when he was little.

  • Martha E.
    12/19/2017 02:18

    criminals shoot unarmed people and they use excessive force on innocent people

  • Stratotes P.
    12/19/2017 02:19

    Thats a good old fashoined terrorist pig rapist rigt there. #Phillip the Rapest

  • Alyssa M.
    12/19/2017 02:19

    He should go to jail they will have so much fun with him

  • Carmela H.
    12/19/2017 02:19

    And when the public don't respect them and they become targets they want to cry ....

  • Ethan M.
    12/19/2017 02:25

    Well considering that I had a one-sided discussion on bullying earlier. The guys who become Police officers are typically the ones who do the same shit all throughout their time in school, college. Go to college and can't keep their grades on whatever scholarships they had, so they drop out. Join either the military or the Police Force and continue to be assholes who have a badge.

  • Dezo A.
    12/19/2017 02:30

    It's clear to see this guy is psychologically screwed up he's a ticking time bomb.

  • Boby M.
    12/19/2017 02:42

    You're witnessing a police executing a kid

  • Adam N.
    12/19/2017 02:45

    Please tell me why the jury wasn’t aloud to see this tape before they made their judgement?

  • Suzanna S.
    12/19/2017 03:00

    That PIG has some Anger ISSUES big time . Does he hit his wife . They should check that out too. This MAN KILLED a KID . He is not a policeman he is a PIG.

  • Timothy T.
    12/19/2017 03:13


  • Ed W.
    12/19/2017 03:21

    Does anyone know why the police were called in the first place?

  • Momoh B.
    12/19/2017 03:24


  • Rodney B.
    12/19/2017 03:25

    i think he is a murdering bastard

  • Kiko S.
    12/19/2017 03:27

    Fuck that pig eveeone else who backup this coward

  • Dan S.
    12/19/2017 03:30

    You can tell by the way this cop rolls his sleeves to show off the 'guns'. He's a badass and not to be trifled with.

  • Terry G.
    12/19/2017 03:33

    Furthet proof we live in a police state and some morons are upset at NFL players are taking a knee to protest this

  • Miguel C.
    12/19/2017 03:36

    Someone give that man a paid vacation.