Coronavirus: New York vs. Texas

One state is having to reverse its reopening plan while the other is slowly starting to open up. This is how New York's response to the coronavirus crisis compares to that of Texas.

06/30/2020 4:14 PMupdated: 06/30/2020 4:16 PM


  • Michael T.
    08/04/2020 07:15

    Cumo, you are B.S too much. Vietnam a country of 96 millions people and there are just 3-5 people died from Covid-19. Wearing mask, social distancing, contact tracing and quarantine (all this were done since 01/31/2020).

  • Pat B.
    08/03/2020 15:07

    Ya but how many did you kill Coumo in the nursing homes? Lots

  • Jay S.
    08/03/2020 07:42

    Texas is a dumbfuck listen to that abomination in the Oval Office

  • Miriam T.
    08/03/2020 03:40

    This Texas Governor must be a Republican & a Trump follower

  • Sarah B.
    08/03/2020 03:05

    For all the people who say that wearing a mask takes away your rights, and it is a away for the government to control you... When you are born you are given a number. With that number the government knows when you have a job when you don't what bank accounts you have. How much money you have. Then you have a bank account you need that number in order to have one so the government knows where you spend the money... So wearing a mask is the government controlling you no... I could go on and on but the number of that the government assigns you Your social security number.... Wearing a mask and helps prevent the spread.. Doesn't stop it but helps prevent it... So for the non haters of wearing one try again for another excuse.. 00 your health condition.. I have PTSD and severe high anxiety,,, grocery shopping wearing a mask is not an issue... I can wear it for two and a half hours before I need to take it off. During a pandemic it's actually more calming wearing one the not

  • Hilary G.
    08/03/2020 00:26

    Screw your liberty! This is about keeping yourself healthy and others who may have conditions healthy as well! If ppl are that selfish and petty over a mask why don’t they go to the frontline and volunteer in a covid ward? Didn’t think so!

  • Dan H.
    08/02/2020 17:22

    Remember when Governor Cuomo murdered thousands of seniors? Remember that? Remember how NY’s death total is 4x’s more than Texas? Also the population of Texas is 29 million vs 19 million for New York and Cuomo is walking around patting himself on the back.

  • Kimberly T.
    08/02/2020 16:33

    Great job New York keep up the good work and god bless you guys! Texas you need to stay home and wear your mask because there’s a Pandemic right now people!💯💯💯👍👍👍👍🦠🦠🦠🦠😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Letty M.
    08/01/2020 21:58

    Texas, everything big in Texas, BIG IDIOT GOVERNOR...SORRY TO MY FAMILY FOR THIS IDIOT!

  • Gabriel B.
    08/01/2020 13:35

    Heed the warning signals! This is on each and everyone of us. Stop the spread of this deadly virus.

  • Diana B.
    08/01/2020 10:26

    You are just awesome, Governor Cuomo. Thank you so very much.

  • Mindy C.
    07/31/2020 11:55

    Sorry Cuomo, NZ is better only 22 deaths and no community transmission 🇳🇿

  • Tu N.
    07/31/2020 05:09

    NY Gov: we control the viruss better than any nation on the globe Viet Nam: Are you sure about that?

  • Jeff G.
    07/31/2020 03:19


  • Kimberly S.
    07/30/2020 22:34

    You reap what you sow

  • Chantell D.
    07/30/2020 21:16

    Wow Ppl would rather die than wear a mask!

  • Estella B.
    07/30/2020 20:59

    Fantastic leadership by governor Cuomo!! 🙏❤

  • Nick H.
    07/30/2020 16:43

    IDIOTS shouldn’t get help

  • Joman D.
    07/29/2020 07:43

    Texas be like:you should all wear a mask, but we dont care if you do so or not.. Leaders should just put their feet down on this mask thing.. Everyone in the world are now in facemasks because of this's not really that big of a deal to wear one especially if you understand the risks..not to you, you selfish pricks, but perhaps to a loved one of yours who might die if they catch this virus because you brought it home with you. Protection of the health of each and every of our loved ones should come first before any right to choose whether or not to wear that frickin mask.

  • Tony K.
    07/29/2020 06:30

    This is what a good governor does this should be in every state or we are going to have lot more of us die

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