Covid evictions: Inside the NYC rent strike

Cockroaches, rats, dirty water, mold, leaking holes ... and no money to pay rent amid the Covid crisis. Brut met the Bronx residents at the center of a major rent strike. Here's what we saw.

11/16/2020 1:58 PMupdated: 11/16/2020 2:29 PM


  • Wes M.
    17 hours

    Jimmy should have left that place a long time ago way before covid-19

  • KTown K.
    2 days

    I hope God help those families 😔😔❤❤✊

  • Fanane T.
    2 days

    How is it the landlords fault , do you guys want free rent and free repairs ... unbelievable...

  • Sherry G.
    2 days

    They charged me 800.00 a month in Durant Oklahoma. The RAT'S was bigger than my Chawawa. The day we moved, the city tore it down. We tried to get help.

  • Jose J.
    2 days

    Very bad condition. Landlords need to do better!

  • Donna C.
    2 days

    Is it one of Trump Jrs place?

  • Virginia H.
    2 days

    He's a SLUMLORD .. He gets profit for being that .. No one should have to live in conditions like this ...

  • Lorena S.
    2 days

    Such ashamed how ppl are knowing that times are hard now cause of the Covid-19..Lord Jesus Help them in these days..

  • Brad P.
    3 days

    I'm guessing the pests and problems were there when these people moved in 12 years ago. At least 8 years, he even says so. So why is it a problem now? Why move into the place to begin with? Why not move out? Why no job? Mechanics are essential workers. Terrible conditions to be sure, but too many unnecessary gaps here for me to feel sorry. 🤔

  • Frances S.
    3 days

    So sad!😔😔🙏🙏🙏

  • Sherry T.
    3 days

    Keep voting Democrats in.

  • Germaine S.
    3 days

    The Owners Should Pay The Tenants To Stay in That Filthy Hole!😡

  • Reina C.
    3 days

    La culpa de los demócratas que la,gente está mal con la renta mucho dinero hoy será más difícil si queda el BIden

  • Bella G.
    3 days

    Sin intención de ofender a nadie x q no se mudan si ustedes pagan renta y pueden pagar en otro lugar y vivir decentemente yo se q hay dueños de casas irresponsables pera así mismo mucha veces no da ganancia ni para cubrir el pago al banco y lo básico como luz agua y arreglos no estoy a favor de nadie es solo un comentario

  • Mark B.
    3 days

    You can clean the house a bit more, unless the landlord is responsible

  • Lupe D.
    3 days

    Abemos muchas personas que estamos pasando lo mismo yo pago mi renta mes tras mes me ronpi mi pie por andar arreglando la casa donde rento porque el dueño no quiere hareglar tengo un año sin trabajar por mi fratura pero el si me cobra la renta mes tras mes mi esposa estubo 4 meses enferma de covi 19 como quiera el cobraba que es lo que podemos hacer

  • Dennis B.
    4 days

    First thing to do is move the hell out of NYC. It’s people’s fault to live in conditions like that for 12 years. There’s plenty of jobs in US, a specially for mechanic. 12 years he is been living there and doesn’t speak English? I’m not sorry for him.

  • Ted B.
    4 days

    It's not just New York. This is happening all over the USA. And they keep raising the rent.

  • Betty G.
    4 days

    I would fix it myself and deduct it from the rent

  • Naoufal E.
    4 days

    American dream........

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