Covid evictions: Inside the NYC rent strike

Cockroaches, rats, dirty water, mold, leaking holes ... and no money to pay rent amid the Covid crisis. Brut met the Bronx residents at the center of a major rent strike. Here's what we saw.

11/16/2020 1:58 PMupdated: 12/29/2020 1:29 PM


  • Kathy A.
    03/07/2021 16:17


  • John P.
    03/04/2021 03:28

    Go ask your great President Biden to help you LOL

  • Kelvin T.
    03/02/2021 18:42

    Can't the tenants sue to landlord for the living conditions?

  • Richard M.
    03/02/2021 14:20

    Pay your rent

  • Raymond V.
    03/02/2021 14:18

    Landlord is probably a Republican.oh wait..its trump son in law...

  • Josh D.
    03/02/2021 12:58

    This didnt happen because of covid. This happened because he is disgusting.

  • Mirlov A.
    03/02/2021 09:14

    This is happening in the so called richest nation in the world?

  • Aída M.
    03/02/2021 07:43

    What a nightmare

  • Will W.
    03/02/2021 05:19

    Services? Lmao...if you don't pay for your rent. The LEAST you can do is fix up, your own place you freeloaders!

  • Maureen N.
    03/02/2021 05:10

    12 years?! Truly sad!

  • Karen E.
    03/02/2021 04:34


  • Karen R.
    03/02/2021 02:59

    It's a no win situation. I hope they can all find a way.

  • Yadi Y.
    03/02/2021 01:07

    NYC is notorious for their slumlords. As a renter and a human being, everyone has a right to live in decent and sanitary housing. Call the NYC Building Department and Code Enforcement. Demand that they send their inspectors out to your units to inspect and validate the tons of violations in place. Perhaps if the City cites the owner for the violations and hits them in their pockets, they will finally do something to remedy the deplorable conditions. If that doesn’t work, take it to the News Stations. As someone mentioned on this thread, the tenants shown here are minorities. This shouldn’t make them less of a person nor does it mean that it is ok for them to live in those conditions. Minority or not, YOU have rights and you should exercise those rights! DO NOT continue to allow this treatment. Unite as a community, as neighbors, as minorities and make your voices heard!!!

  • Antonio S.
    03/02/2021 01:00

    Democrats care for you 😂😂😂

  • Brenda B.
    03/02/2021 00:41

    You lived there for 12 years. That landlord U and ur Neighbors take him to court. Take lots of pictures the way U an ur Neighbours are living. I hate landlords take Advantage of Spanish people It don't matter what nationality you guys are it matters that he shouldn't treat you that way He is not better than U and ur Neighbors. U should call The news all them Call Telemundo CBS fox News call them all. I will be praying 🙏for U and ur Neighbors God-bless U all

  • Maria M.
    03/01/2021 23:43

    OMG ,it is dangerous ,not a good landlord

  • Wes M.
    11/25/2020 14:33

    Jimmy should have left that place a long time ago way before covid-19

  • KTown K.
    11/24/2020 10:12

    I hope God help those families 😔😔❤❤✊

  • Fanane T.
    11/24/2020 06:58

    How is it the landlords fault , do you guys want free rent and free repairs ... unbelievable...

  • Sherry G.
    11/23/2020 23:40

    They charged me 800.00 a month in Durant Oklahoma. The RAT'S was bigger than my Chawawa. The day we moved, the city tore it down. We tried to get help.