Covid evictions: Inside the NYC rent strike

Cockroaches, rats, dirty water, mold, leaking holes ... and no money to pay rent amid the Covid crisis. Brut met the Bronx residents at the center of a major rent strike. Here's what we saw.

11/16/2020 1:58 PMupdated: 12/29/2020 1:29 PM


  • Els M.
    01/04/2021 08:46

    Why don't officials take care of this?

  • Karen M.
    12/30/2020 13:44

    That slumlord needs to go to prison

  • Gaby G.
    12/30/2020 08:50

    Learn to repair yourself is much ceaper

  • Ryan M.
    12/29/2020 19:51

    Move out of that HELL HOLE

  • Calla L.
    12/29/2020 19:02

    To the man who is on a rent strike, we empathize with you and hope your life improves. 👉🐁 Please tho, don't use the incredibly cruel Glue Traps for mice: just use the old standbys, the Trip and Neck Break Traps. They are immediate and do not cause prolonged suffering.👈

  • Debra H.
    12/29/2020 18:51

    This is BAD!! Darn!!

  • Elena C.
    12/29/2020 17:39

    There is s problem but tenants are apparently not clean at all.

  • Charles W.
    12/29/2020 16:05

    Why don’t they freeze mortgages and utilities too

  • Moss G.
    12/29/2020 16:03

    Yep!! This is in the richest country in the world. This is the results of unmitigated capitalism. AMERICA IS NOT GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. This is so 😥

  • Freddie M.
    12/29/2020 15:44

    If they aren’t paying rent why are they even there still ?

  • Michael S.
    12/29/2020 15:41

    If the landlord would say you can fix that for your rent, maybe that would ease up on some of those problems. I started doing some of that when I first started renting and the landlord knocked off some cash. I did not do the best job but he liked it that I at least tried. I learned quickly. It is not that difficult.

  • Eagle E.
    12/29/2020 15:39

    This is the main goal of the pandemic, so people get so poor to enslave them by the supreme community (super rich people)and poor people will accept what ever they offer them to be able to survive therefore there will be no middle class only super rich who controls everything and have monopoly over your life and the poor wont even have the right practice their rights anymore.

  • Jenny L.
    12/29/2020 14:34

    So sad. There are 48 states in between the coasts to consider moving to where housing is much cheaper and are hiring. Maybe it's time to move.

  • Adrian T.
    12/29/2020 14:26

    American Dream ... ☠️

  • Jose J.
    11/23/2020 22:16

    Very bad condition. Landlords need to do better!

  • Yolanda P.
    11/21/2020 01:20

    So sad

  • Ariana V.
    11/20/2020 04:38

    omg wtf that's sad thank God we don't live there

  • Irshan A.
    11/19/2020 19:13

    This agony had unveiled many true faces of governments Nobody will help you only god will

  • Calvin C.
    11/19/2020 18:19

    Imagine that it would be in New York. When you're governors a slumlord what would you expect your landlords to be?

  • Brut India
    11/19/2020 13:42

    Is the Covid situation in the US being ignored?

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