D. Trump on taking monuments down

As president, Trump doesn’t want “beautiful statues” to be taken down. As an entrepreneur, though... 🤔

08/18/2017 2:30 PM
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  • Adam H.
    08/18/2017 14:56

    There's a big difference between an old building.. and monuments that honour someone or a cause someone stood for... Kinda stretching here I think...

  • Jeff R.
    08/18/2017 15:15

    Good to know Trump is an art critic as well as an asshole.

  • Adam D.
    08/18/2017 15:41

    OK, but he bought the building right? Making it his property? And he decided to change his property yeah? And somehow this is similar in some way to destroying war monuments on public land...

  • Aron S.
    08/18/2017 15:50

    He's stupid. Point.

  • Kenny C.
    08/18/2017 16:09

    What about the ancient burial grounds you decimated for the DAPL

  • Charlie B.
    08/18/2017 16:52

    There's history and culture in Art Deco building's and sculptures. People would have loved to see this building, but it's no longer there because of this guy⬆⬆⬆

  • Chance C.
    08/18/2017 16:57

    I don't think the dude ever had good hair 😂

  • Bennett M.
    08/18/2017 17:02

    Typical... I guess his "target market" has changed over the last 37 years.

  • Arbie V.
    08/18/2017 17:18

    So? Okay liberals, you shot your wad, now go cry in the corner you POS!

  • Josh G.
    08/18/2017 17:32

    I saw this episode in "How I met your mother"...

  • Linda G.
    08/18/2017 17:49

    Boy, they sure can dig out anything to make him look bad.

  • Ali W.
    08/18/2017 17:50

    He always Contradicts HIMSELF 👈🏾👈🏾

  • Clint S.
    08/18/2017 17:56

    I'm sure everything is money to him, even people.

  • Irving J.
    08/18/2017 18:24

    Yea but Obama...

  • Joseph C.
    08/18/2017 18:32

    A little more perspective: "Confederate statues and flags in public places have a specific history, and it starts decades after the Civil War. In fact, the vast majority of them appeared in one of two eras: "Era One (the 1920s) was after the establishment of Jim Crow segregation laws, a time when lynching was rampant because 'uppity' blacks were not allowed. "Era Two (1950-65) was the Civil Rights era, when segregation was being challenged by black activists. "So when you hear about flags and statues coming down, take note of the date given as to how long they had stood. Almost all of them went up in one of these two periods (the Lee statue at the heart of the protests in Charlottesville, VA, went up in 1924; the Confederate Soldier statue toppled by a crowd in Durham, NC, went up in 1925 -- incidentally, the two peak years of the KKK). Know what that means? It means they are not really about the Civil War at all, they are about white supremacy and opposition to civil rights." - Dr. Troy Smith, History department at Tennessee Tech

  • Shock R.
    08/18/2017 18:34

    No comparison..

  • Adam H.
    08/18/2017 18:41

    These comments seem to be going 55% for trump .. 45% against trump... Hmm just like the election.. lol... Trump 2020..

  • Shelby W.
    08/18/2017 18:55

    This is a pretty tenuous connection

  • Mario T.
    08/18/2017 18:59

    How is that even close to being a comparison?

  • Noel D.
    08/18/2017 19:04