David Miliband Says We’re Living in an “Age of Impunity”

David Miliband, the president of the International Rescue Committee, wants to hold governments accountable for crimes against humanity.

David Miliband Says We’re Living in an “Age of Impunity”

David Wright Miliband is chief executive of the International Rescue Committee and public policy analyst. A former British Labour Party policymaker, who was the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 2007 to 2010 and the Member of Parliament for South Shields from 2001 to 2013, he and his brother, Ed Miliband, were the first siblings to sit in the Cabinet simultaneously since Edward, Lord Stanley, and Oliver Stanley in 1938.

He started his career at the Institute for Public Policy Research. At age 29 he became Tony Blair's Head of Policy while the Labour Party was in resistance, and he was a contributor to Labour's platform for the 1997 election, which carried the party to power. Blair consequently made him head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit from 1997 to 2001, at which point Miliband was elected to Parliament for the seat of South Shields. Miliband spent the next few years in various junior ministerial posts, including at the Department for Education and Skills, before joining the Cabinet in 2006 as Environment Secretary. His duration in this post saw climate change united as a priority for policymakers. On the succession of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister in 2007, Miliband was promoted to become Foreign Secretary.

“So, I run an international humanitarian aid agency, and we work in war zones with refugees, with displaced people around the world. And what we see is what I call an age of impunity. It's a core responsibility of all of us as citizens of countries which should be and are democratic, where there is a voice where we can exercise our opinion that we influence our political leaders to say that it does matter, because if laws are considered to be for suckers internationally, then it's a short route to say that domestic laws are for suckers too. And that's a very dangerous road to go down.” For David Miliband those who commit human rights violations must be held accountable.


06/01/2019 6:02 PM
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  • Nigel H.
    06/01/2019 18:35

    Don't be tempted to return to politics. You are doing great work!

  • Patrick M.
    06/02/2019 09:37

    Good luck, unfortunately we all know how this goes, never forget Assange. I hope you actually do something. Doubt it.

  • Thomas D.
    06/02/2019 13:15

    The precedents for these attitudes toward international human rights laws were set in the first part of the last century where abuses by the winners of those wars have gone unpunished and history has been rewritten to create the illusion that the losers of those wars had no rational reasons for their part in them.

  • Maher M.
    06/02/2019 13:58


  • Brut
    06/03/2019 16:13

    Here's a look at the United States' role in Yemen's civil war:

  • Alice L.
    06/05/2019 23:54

    thank you, sir

  • Neil S.
    06/08/2019 20:26

    #1 The united Nations is a fucking joke. It is nothing more than The other nations of the world sitting on their hands waiting for the US. to"do something". Using the blood of American soldiers to fight and die for people to fucking lazy and cowardly to save their own country. #2 Domestic law already is irrelevant. There's on set of rules for the rich and another for the poor. American guns are the only thing that stands between our freedom and tyranny

  • David W.
    06/12/2019 02:23

    Nice concept Hard to convince people with no concience.

  • Anthony S.
    06/17/2019 21:49

    He can start with the UN

  • Taunia R.
    6 days

    where do I sign?

  • Billy D.
    5 days

    Crocodile tears! Abortions kill more innocent, helpless humans than all your wars!!