Democrat Candidates Blast Trump's Racism

Publicly talking about President Trump’s racism is definitely no longer taboo — it was a key talking point at the second round of Democratic debates. Here’s what the candidates had to say about it.

Democratic presidential candidates decried President Trump’s racist statements

Donald Trump says he's the “least racist person" in the planet. Democratic presidential candidates Klobuchar, Delaney, Sanders, Warren and O’Rourke disagree. While President Donald Trump continued to triple down on his racist attacks on Baltimore, Democrats contending for the nomination to unseat him in 2020 fetched the issues of systemic racism and reparations for slavery reparations to the forefront of the 1st of July Democratic primary debates in another predominately-black city: Detroit.

Among the leaders of the pack was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who addressed the ongoing problem of racism in America by singling out white supremacy in the sharpest possible language. As Democrats took to the debate stage, an article published in the Washington Post revealed that the president had again attacked Baltimore, this time claiming in an interview that violent crime in the majority-black city is worse than it is in Honduras, a Latin American country grappling with deadly gang violence. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont broke that ICE. “What Trump is doing through his racism and his xenophobia is demonizing a group of people, and as president, I will end that demonization,” the 2016 campaign alum said. “If a mother and child walk thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view they are not criminals, they are people fleeing violence.”

As the president continued to stoke racial tensions, the issue of healing those divides was spotlighted by the answers provided by his Democratic rivals. Self-help author Marianne Williamson shared her "deep truth-telling" on the issue of reparations for slavery. “The racism, the bigotry, and the entire conversation that we’re having here tonight -- if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then I’m afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days.”


07/31/2019 6:28 AMupdated: 07/31/2019 2:38 PM


  • David D.
    08/30/2019 23:15

    I might have to unlike Brut,too one-sided for the Dems and libs

  • Andrew W.
    08/30/2019 19:09

    What a collective bunch of nit wits

  • Evelyn A.
    08/30/2019 14:11

    Three idiots

  • Darrin W.
    08/29/2019 19:46

    Lmao. Pathetic. Trump 2020

  • Bobby H.
    08/29/2019 13:14

    And that's the best that the Democratic party can do then Donald Trump is definitely going to get reelected

  • Thaakaa D.
    08/28/2019 20:10

    Their main talkin point seemed to be about that lunatic,although I do agree he's a racist pos, but, they should be talking about how we are gonna deal with angry white people, shooting up public places and dealing with the environmental problems we have and are going to face in the future, we need plans not just bad mouthing opponents of the other political parties or past failures we need to come together as a nation get back to what we are supposed to be doing, helping the people and environment of the world instead of dividing and separating ourselves

  • Richard S.
    08/27/2019 23:33

    Democrats for Illegals, open borders and Socialism

  • David E.
    08/26/2019 19:00

    Funny how they seem to be talking from the same script, trying to act like they have the solutions when they have absolutely no clue as to what the problems are. They keep trying to show that each of them is further left than the rest, or that they look like Robert Kennedy, even though they have no history of understanding the issues. How sad.

  • Bucket B.
    08/26/2019 14:00

    They are more racist than Trump when the Dems can't get you to go along with what that want they call you a racist

  • Richard W.
    08/26/2019 05:47

    Trump isn't a racist and never has been. It is just that the liberals have run out of things to criticize him for.... it's all they have left...

  • Perry R.
    08/25/2019 23:42

    Collectively, you clowns cannot possibly be that ignorant. Nice try Democrats, but please excuse yourselves now. No need to keep regurgitating your tricks!

  • Morris T.
    08/25/2019 19:14

    LIAR in chief!

  • William P.
    08/25/2019 02:16

    the democrats and liberal media are causing the hate in this country by falsely calling Trump racist !!!!!

  • Tsosie B.
    08/23/2019 05:45

    Trump wasn't called a racist until he won the election.

  • Freddie B.
    08/23/2019 00:22

    For a president so bad but hey he's still in office

  • Ralph P.
    08/22/2019 03:27

    The 4 of them sounds like A Bunch Of SQUIRRELS looking For their NUTS!

  • Robert V.
    08/21/2019 23:04

    bunch of morons

  • Scott T.
    08/20/2019 23:59

    Crayon eaters...

  • Nancy B.
    08/20/2019 22:44

    😮 😮 wow!! You guys gotta get a grip!! Talk about issues that Americans care about!! Trump- trump- trump- trump! Trump is our president and is doing an amazing job!! You just gotta get a grip!!!

  • Patrick S.
    08/20/2019 18:41

    Stupid People! Don't care about America! They want money!

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