Did GOP Lawmaker Use A Black Woman As Political Prop?

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows brought a black White House staffer to the Michael Cohen hearing — hoping to disprove claims that the president is a racist. It didn't go as planned.

02/28/2019 1:49 AMupdated: 02/28/2019 4:27 PM


  • Albert S.
    03/09/2019 13:06

    Notice Cohen says he knows what Trump is, yet he had to read it off a list, not once but every time... if he really believed or knew those thinks he would not have to look for it on a list

  • Md B.
    03/09/2019 10:43


  • Ophelia S.
    03/08/2019 15:24

    Please tell me at least 3 black communities Mr. Trump has helped successfully.

  • Eric C.
    03/06/2019 18:11


  • Joseph K.
    03/06/2019 12:31

    That black woman should go back home and look at herself in the mirror!!!!

  • Paulette H.
    03/06/2019 07:08

    Racist idiots are so dumb to their racist behavior they don't believe it's racism. They actually believe it as facts.

  • Alberta H.
    03/06/2019 00:55

    He is

  • Deserae R.
    03/06/2019 00:13

    Robert L Campbell Whatcha think?

  • Carolyn H.
    03/05/2019 18:04

    Why can't she speak for herself. She looks scare to me

  • Helen F.
    03/05/2019 13:54

    I'm a trump supporter and I'm not miserable obumer is a racist if there ever was one trump is making America great again Mr Roosevelt you must think it's okay to kill children thru abortion your the one that's not very smart I've had my say won't respond to you so I'm not going to argue no matter what side were on were still going to stand before a living God and give an account of actions trump 2020 make America great

  • Brad H.
    03/05/2019 13:32

    Does every one remember when Hillary is said she carried hot sauce around in her purse when she was interviewed by black Americans 🤣🤣🤣 or how bout that time obama had all the black cabinet members....

  • Mary P.
    03/05/2019 12:15

    Race card he should have 2 black person then it might be different. I heard her speak she’s well educated.

  • Rich C.
    03/05/2019 11:42

    This was The One of the best Racist Checkmates I have seen in a very long time , And I have been there done that almost and forever !

  • Anthony J.
    03/05/2019 08:22

    This was extremely condescending and patronizing.

  • Jerry H.
    03/04/2019 21:10

    Yepper well said

  • George H.
    03/04/2019 16:54

    The Congresswoman said it all.The President is what they say he is and more

  • Bret T.
    03/03/2019 13:55

    MAGA!!!! Dixiecrats are the racists and always will be. They try to keep the people of color down. TRUMP 2020, Pence 2024!

  • Bertha T.
    03/03/2019 00:00

    But she is

  • Daniel Z.
    03/02/2019 18:44

    Stick trackers in there hands . Mr trump please track us all

  • Charles S.
    03/02/2019 14:13

    facebook is a liberal sesspool

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