Did John Kelly ever enjoy this job?

TFW you don't really like your job. John Kelly's facial expressions throughout his tenure as Trump's Chief of Staff say it all.

12/17/2018 12:20 PM


  • Louis R.
    12/30/2018 02:19

    The most picked at administration in history uncalled for liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Colleen A.
    12/29/2018 20:35

    Your a good person,God bless you,

  • Orlando R.
    12/20/2018 01:28

    That what he signed up "unhinged" president

  • Ramon O.
    12/18/2018 03:05

    Yes. The body language say so.

  • Sunder G.
    12/18/2018 00:02

    The guy aged

  • William W.
    12/17/2018 19:31


  • Patricia B.
    12/17/2018 19:23


  • Mariana S.
    12/17/2018 18:17

    Bay bay old men sayonara 👌👌

  • Kheira D.
    12/17/2018 18:11

    Il en a marre du cochon trump

  • Calvin L.
    12/17/2018 17:57

    Ruined his legacy. He will try re-write it when the dust settles.

  • Suze A.
    12/17/2018 17:05

    Well deserved.

  • Irene G.
    12/17/2018 16:11

    Funny I thought clowns were fun to around đŸŽȘ🎈

  • Greg D.
    12/17/2018 14:15

    I’m sure he’s really miserable. I’m sure he just had to stay. NOT!

  • David P.
    12/17/2018 13:40

    Well if you represent a clown you should be used to the circus!đŸ€Ł

  • Sylvan M.
    12/17/2018 13:26

    If you weren’t up for the job, you should have left along time ago!

  • Robert S.
    12/17/2018 12:41

    That look when you know you can be a better stupid racist than your boss.

  • Michael C.
    12/17/2018 12:27

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  • David C.
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