Divided Dakotas: two different responses to surging COVID cases

The Dakotas are seeing the worst COVID outbreaks in the world … and their governors have opposite approaches to handling it.

11/23/2020 8:31 PM


  • Melissa A.
    11/29/2020 13:47

    She’s an idiot North is doing this so I’ll Be a petulant child & do the opposite Meanwhile people pay the price

  • Karlene A.
    11/29/2020 02:00

    Some of These politicians are more about their jobs and their own gratification . they think less of the people who voted and put them where they are . May god forgive the evil doers.

  • Lesley A.
    11/29/2020 01:35

    Glad I don’t live in South Dakota😷 (wear a F——— mask!)

  • Brett B.
    11/27/2020 01:42

    No More Mandates on American Citizens!

  • Terry J.
    11/26/2020 23:50

    If you dont wear a mask dont forget to hold up your middle finger..cuz that's what your saying to everyone!!

  • Serenna K.
    11/26/2020 04:29

    That woman is evil

  • Bayani T.
    11/25/2020 12:36

    No wonder why south is now suffering from corona.

  • Marsha R.
    11/24/2020 17:16

    The “personal responsibility” plan seems to work best when those in power don’t actually care about the health and lives of constituents.

  • Mel O.
    11/24/2020 17:11

    They are both stupid. At least one of them realized he was wrong and is trying to correct his past mistakes. But, the ding bag, does not allow herself to tell the truth just so she can keep her job. At the cost of peoples' lives. Just like trump that thinks he won the election.

  • Amanda M.
    11/24/2020 16:14

    Wow. Speechless.

  • Joe F.
    11/24/2020 13:27

    “This is how we social distance in my state” proceeds to miss every shot. 😂🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  • Gangadhar S.
    11/24/2020 04:45

    Deadly virus needs serious approach, irresponsible handling may simply multiply deaths.

  • Gary G.
    11/23/2020 22:19

    She truly is a idiot

  • David B.
    11/23/2020 21:12

    Idiots, meaning basically let people die, not their responsibility.

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