Do you have any doubt?

"Do you have any doubt that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 US elections?" In a series of in-depth questions, James Comey answers were short and clear. #ComeyTestimony

06/08/2017 4:42 PM


  • Amanda P.
    06/14/2017 03:39

    Did no one see the man just crawling on the floor in the beginning? 😂👀

  • Verna R.
    06/11/2017 14:40

    They should like Donald Trump up in a Russian jail so his best friend can visit him on a regular basis

  • Verna R.
    06/11/2017 14:38

    President Trump's on son-in-law Jared Kushner said that his father-in-law it's the biggest liar he ever met should he be fired for telling the truth

  • Jennifer Z.
    06/09/2017 19:02

    Comey the pussy

  • Kyle S.
    06/09/2017 16:33


  • Augusto O.
    06/09/2017 14:14

    Why is that guy crawling? Lol

  • Logan S.
    06/09/2017 13:46

    House of cards Comey is a egotistical slim.

  • Henry L.
    06/09/2017 12:32

    Matias Matias look at that dude crawling across the screen hahaha

  • Arthur B.
    06/09/2017 05:28

    Soo he didn't say anything right??? I stuck to his story and it didn't chang...what did all u lame ass's think he was going to say all kinds of classified evidence??? Hahaha

  • Peter M.
    06/09/2017 03:19

    We have been waiting for 5 months genius.... if there was evidence, it would've come up. Get your head out of your ass

  • V T.
    06/09/2017 02:05

    Yea he's lying !!!

  • Ramel T.
    06/09/2017 00:38


  • Greg E.
    06/09/2017 00:27

    I saw his eyes slightly move down and go the side during a few of the questions he answered no to. I'm not expert in interrogations, but down and to the side indicates: - Pain, shame etc Or - Lies 🤔 Eyes up indicates: - Recall of a memory or past situation It'd be interesting to get a more knowledgeable individuals opinion about this

  • Miguel Á.
    06/08/2017 23:14


  • Riya G.
    06/08/2017 22:58

    M MzhGos

  • Nghiep V.
    06/08/2017 22:54

    Like the USA has never ever interfered in the elections of other nations! Your own medicine doesn't taste so good, does it??

  • Bobby H.
    06/08/2017 22:40

    He'll lie right through his fucking teeth. Isn't he under oath??

  • Jonathan C.
    06/08/2017 22:16

    Omg.. is this guy actually answering questions correctly and giving an explanation when needed??

  • Erick M.
    06/08/2017 21:56

    Lupita Garcia Cathy Chavez

  • Efrain Z.
    06/08/2017 21:46

    Lies and more lies

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