Doctor Provides Abortions By Mail

"The only thing that restricting abortion does is make it dangerous for women to have one." In the face of new abortion bans, this doctor is providing abortion care by mail.

Abortions via the Post Office

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts is a doctor based out of Amsterdam and is the founder of Women on Waves and Women on Web, which provides reproductive health services for women in countries where it is not provided. In 2018 she founded Aid Access, which operates in the United States. A trained abortion specialist and activist, she is generally considered the first abortion rights activist to cross international borders.

Access to a safe abortion by mail is available thanks to this doctor. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts started Aid Access for women in the United States. It's an online abortion pill mailing service before 10 weeks of pregnancy for those who cannot access safe abortions because of costs, distance, domestic violence. Dr. Gomperts notes, “25% of the women that reached out to me, they cannot even afford to pay 80 euros, which means that you know an abortion for $700 would be totally, totally out of their reach. And so, it is this for me it's very significant.”

She started Aid Access in 2018 due to overwhelming demand in the U.S. — where the future of
Roe v. Wade is at risk amid the rollback of abortion access in many southern and midwestern states. In early 2019, she received a cease letter from the Food and Drug Administration according to the FDA.

The Dutch doctor and activist spent the last 15 years providing abortion care with her organizations, Women on Waves and Women on Web, for women in countries with restricted healthcare systems. In 2018, Gomperts prescribed 2,581 medical abortions out of 11,108 consultations based on a report by Aid Access. Now, she is working with a lawyer so she can continue providing abortion care solutions.