Dog-walking While Black

Is dog humping a criminal offense?! This white woman just called the cops on a black dog owner — and the racial undertones weren't lost on him.

03/04/2019 10:01 PM
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  • Noor D.
    8 hours

    White RULES, Her Dog Could Get Black

  • Bro E.
    9 hours

    If I were either person I would have put my dog on the leash and left. Simple as that.

  • Boris H.
    10 hours


  • Cindy C.
    11 hours

    Wow they always use the BLACK CARD 😡

  • Mary S.
    12 hours

    Awful lot of crazies loose out there

  • Joshua C.
    12 hours

    Typical gutter trash wont take responsibility for his dog then cry's race !!

  • Tuğçe O.
    13 hours

    White ppl are so weird sometimes vehshaha 😅😂😂

  • Moh D.
    13 hours

    Yeah, bro, your dog raped her dog.

  • Lisa T.
    14 hours

    What the police gonna do about two dogs humping? Arrest the dog on rap charges?

  • Casey W.
    14 hours

    Classic what happened before the camera started rolling, obviously she shouldn't have called the cops but this guy sounds like a POS and probably didn't try to stop his dogs from humping other dogs. I've seen someone at the dog park try to fight other dog owners because his dog was attacking other dogs and he didn't want to do anything about it. He got real quiet when the cops showed up saying how he was talking to them just like he's talking to the cop LOL

  • Josh M.
    14 hours

  • Riz S.
    14 hours

    Sagregation is the word lol

  • Josh M.
    15 hours

    This story is almost a year old...

  • Josh M.
    15 hours

    Funny thing about this story, the man filming, supposedly the victim here, got arrested for trafficking heroin a week after posting this video

  • Dorothy R.
    15 hours

    this is not a racial thing. both owners need to leash their pups and walk in different directions.

  • El S.
    15 hours

    White blonde AND American. Triple threat of privileged whiney bastardness

  • Nazmi B.
    15 hours

    thats ultra karen

  • Benjamin P.
    15 hours

    Anti-humping heather

  • Wendy H.
    16 hours

    If that's in America the black person could have got shot, as seems the norm out there. The woman's a cretin.

  • Maša K.
    16 hours

    When people have nothing better to do then be rasist sometimes to someone 😶