• Jacqueline J.
    20 hours

    He likes young kids, apparently.. best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein. No wonder he wants to take away the right to choose.

  • Dale S.
    2 days

    Its him who should have been aborted,nasty little fascist.

  • Kim T.
    2 days

    Found out his mother wanted to abort him

  • Holly D.
    3 days

    How about just being “Pro-mind-your-own-business”, and leave it at that. Thanks

  • Christine P.
    3 days

    People can change their minds... especially in a voting year! Lol..he says what he wants to keep his tard supporters on side...morally bankrupt comes to mind.

  • Catherina F.
    3 days

    How many young girls you rape ?

  • Claude C.
    4 days

    You know how.Trump.is all ways quick to.take.credit for.things when they are good..He is I charge of all things .Well.he is.also in charge of over 2 hundred thousand .people.that.has.died under his watch.

  • Sandria S.
    5 days

    Pro life? He just killed over 200,000 people and counting!

  • Kev C.
    5 days

    People grow . And so do their views and ideas . One time I had an idea that I liked ice cream . But I wasn’t sure which one I liked the most then I found I like chocolate but I also didn’t liek to so dark . The. After that I decide I liked the milk chocolate . Then ken day I put topping cream on it and mixed it with hugs and caramel / Views can grow .

  • Harris J.
    6 days

    Trumps mother missed a real big opportunity in life by not aborting Donald!

  • Melody J.
    6 days

    These so called hollier than thou will have a higher power to answer to. Trump and his disciples make me sick

  • Joe T.
    6 days

    Who cares what this POS thinks !

  • Laura E.
    6 days

    So what, people can’t change their minds on issues they believe in?!!! 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Lorelei K.
    6 days

    HERD IMMUNITY is not pro-life. To do nothing and watch the virus kill people is not pro-life. To say your a Christian but vote for Trump who is letting his secret police brutilize people and sometimes kill them, that's not pro-life.

  • Rory E.
    6 days

    My cats bum is better looking than Donna Twump

  • Alison C.
    7 days

    Maybe he should worry about the living and the lives he’s stolen from right now!! Isn’t it ironic that Trump will do anything for the UNBORN, yet has ZERO GUILT separating infants and small children from their own mothers whom were seeking asylum at our border....!? OVER 500 BABIES HAVE BEEN SEPARATED AND THEIR PARENTS CAN NOT BE FOUND!!!!! WHAT KIND OF SICK MONSTER DOES SUCH A THING! This man is a fake,phony, fraud!! He’s all in favor for the unborn, he’ll do anything for the unborn, but once you’re born you’re on your own! No neonatal care, no daycare, no headstart, no food stamps, no school lunch. no healthcare, if you’re pre-born you’re fine if you’re preschool your F——-D!

  • Yvonne F.
    7 days

    He has one face, but wears many mask. EXCEPT THE IMPORTANT ONE.😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😥

  • Bradford L.
    7 days

    Its not that his stance changed, its that YOU leftist degenerates changed. Became too comfortable with killing babies while they are being BORN. You crazies moved so far into insanity land that anyone with a modicum of decency is your worst enemy. If that's the case, then I can crack yall's heads open right now and call it abortion, right?

  • Taylah D.
    10/23/2020 15:30

    you've got to be kidding me

  • Malika S.
    10/23/2020 04:09

    Pandemic is not killing small innocent babies. Abortion is.

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