Donald Trump as the Seven Dwarfs

Sleepy? Yup. Grumpy? Definitely. Yup, even Bashful. Here’s how President Trump's speaking style emulates the seven dwarfs.

Trump's Rhetoric as the Seven Dwarfs

President Trump’s inconsistent rhetorical style can best be described using the 7 Dwarfs (of Snow White fame):

Sleepy - Wilbur Ross appeared to fall asleep during Trump’s speech before the United Nations’ General Assembly on Tuesday. Footage showed Ross with his eyes closed as Trump spoke for as long as 15 minutes. When his eyes did open, he looked groggy.

Dopey - President Trump truly, ardently doesn’t like windmills. Except the president’s persistent nemesis is inanimate. Typically, he makes them against “windmills,” a word that refers to old-fashioned structures used for pumping water or grinding grain into flour, while actually meaning “wind turbines,” used today for electricity.

Bashful - The U.S. President explained the truth behind an apparent frosty first meeting with Mrs Merkel in the White House, when it appeared the pair refused to shake hands. The two leaders appeared before the cameras in July after holding a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office where they talked about strengthening Nato, fighting ISIS and resolving Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

Sneezy - President Donald Trump is such a germaphobe that he asks visitors to the Oval Office to wash their hands before entering the room and will "scowl" at staff for coughing or sneezing in his presence, according to a report from Politico.

Grumpy - President Donald Trump tussled with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, calling him a "rude, terrible person" after he asked about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation during a volatile news conference at the White House. As Acosta attempted to ask follow-up questions about whether Trump was concerned about more indictments from Mueller, a White House staffer attempted to pull the microphone away from him.

Happy - When President Trump welcomed President Emmanuel Macron of France to the White House for a first official state visit of the Trump administration, their body language went beyond the usual respectful handshakes of two world leaders meeting for high-level talks and bordered on the intimate.

Doc - President Donald Trump's campaign speech ahead of the midterm election was interrupted for nearly 10 minutes after a woman collapsed and was later wheeled out of the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on a stretcher. Some people in the audience broke the silence by intermittently shouting their approval of Trump, insulting CNN, singing "Amazing Grace," and saying the Lord's Prayer.