Donald Trump backtracks

Donald J. Trump retracted his first statement about the violence in Charlottesville. But it’s not the first time he backtracks under criticism. Here is an overview!

08/16/2017 7:31 PM
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  • Adav Z.
    08/17/2017 00:12

    Ooookkk just play the whole press meeting. Lol why only clips. People just go watch it yourself don't rely on clips

  • Jhan K.
    08/17/2017 10:49

    Good Boy!

  • Dolores R.
    08/17/2017 10:49

    What ??? Those killers terrorist idiots are still your supporters and you will defend them BC at lieast someone still likesvyou.

  • Ruben S.
    08/17/2017 11:46

    Fucking disgrace to humanity and too this country along with those "White Supremacists". Trump is the fucking laughing stock of the world rn and too real Americans he is a fucking cunt.

  • Alan K.
    08/17/2017 13:06

    "Praise trump! Heil trump! He's such a strong leader who says it like it is!" Until he comes under huge public pressure, then he has a LONG history of backing down from his tough guy statements and delusional promises.

  • Brianna G.
    08/17/2017 13:27


  • Diana A.
    08/17/2017 13:44


  • Michael O.
    08/17/2017 14:18

    your president rocks!!

  • Ben P.
    08/17/2017 14:34

    He can read!?!

  • Miguel S.
    08/17/2017 14:39

    Fake media gots him strolling back bunch of bitches

  • Stephen T.
    08/17/2017 14:58

    Do not forget that in his first statement he denounced hatred and bigotry but after he received a threatening tweet from known white supremacist and alleged "former" imperial wizard David Duke he changed his tone and words. Donald Trump is controlled by white supremacists and the KKK.

  • Miguel R.
    08/17/2017 15:05

    Trump needs to be removed the same way gaddafi was for being a tyrant

  • Cory H.
    08/17/2017 15:12

    No where in there did trump condone racism or violence you people have got to he the blindest brainwashed idiots on the face of this planet.

  • James M.
    08/17/2017 15:26


  • Sloan B.
    08/17/2017 16:47

    Green Room - nazi punks:

  • Geneva L.
    08/17/2017 16:51

    Omg I don't like the man but at least he's heard you damnit. Be happy with something instead of being miserable all the damn time.

  • Chad T.
    08/17/2017 16:58

    How flippantly he disavowed David Duke... ugh

  • Cody F.
    08/17/2017 17:36

    In that same speech though he went back to the many sides thing by the end of it. So it doesn't even matter

  • Timothy J.
    08/17/2017 17:52

    Literally a more hateful, less intelligent version of Clinton... lol. Still lies and is just as corrupt, and my god he has no backbone. "Trumps a pussy" - Johnson

  • Rivera D.
    08/17/2017 18:02

    What happen U.S.A what a disgrace this man is for humanity