• Pat S.
    8 hours

    Show me where he was proved incorrect . . .

  • Pam B.
    10 hours

    Why is he even on Facebook

  • Char T.
    10 hours

    A President that pretend covid-19 will go away in April 2020. He lies because the pandemic hits his hotel businees. One of many lies. Then incite domestic terrorism to supress American Democracy. Then wanted to declare Marshall law to maintain his lost Presidential election.

  • Rhonda B.
    11 hours

    Literally did all he set out to do and then some man of his words

  • Michael K.
    11 hours

    Made more money as a union laborer and farming during the Trump years than any other administration. Not to mention the stock market and precious metals.

  • Joshua C.
    13 hours

    That joke has done a lot of good for the us and your new one has done done worst

  • Dato D.
    13 hours

    ქართულად დაწერეთ,ვერ ვკითხულობ კომენტარებს.რა ყველა ინგლისურად წერთ

  • Dave R.
    14 hours


  • Dolly C.
    15 hours

    Why do we have to keep saying his horrible face I wish people just quit putting anything out about him

  • Tracy Z.
    16 hours

    He's just unimaginably idiotic.

  • Susan A.
    17 hours

    Except when it applies to this disgusting thing. 🤬🤯🤮

  • Ed C.
    18 hours


  • Randy F.
    19 hours

    He needs to fade into the Everglades!!

  • Marsha G.
    19 hours

    Well, in one day Biden destroyed thousands of jobs by shutting down the Keystone pipeline, lost the country and billions of dollars in contracts. He is raising the minimum wage to &15.00 an hr. So a lot of businesses probably wont be able to stay open or will have to have lay offs. So this alone will raise the price of everything. He also said he will help small businesses by race and gender. Not only that he is giving 11 mil. Illegals citizenship, insurance, welfare. Thats not counting the thousands already on their way from Honduras and Guatemala. He also stopped building the wall. So if this is ok with you, I guess you get what you deserve. This is just the icing on the cake. Theres more to come.

  • Jenny C.
    20 hours

    I'm so glad this f****** clown is gone! God Bless America and the world is rejoicing!

  • Donna J.
    21 hours

    Facebook won't let me share this

  • Shirley A.
    a day

    I really don't want to SEE this face on here anymore! TRUMP GOT TRUMPED BY JOE BIDEN!! IT IS DONE! LET'S MOVE ON!

  • Lonnie W.
    a day

    This is how I feel about all of you on here! Js

  • Tom B.
    a day

    You got to believe in karma he'll get his

  • Eddie T.
    a day

    Mother Funny Please! Forget you!

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