• Claude C.
    09/07/2020 19:21

    Yes we.do and you lead it

  • Joseph B.
    09/05/2020 13:16

    Talk about being a 6 year old and you are supposed to be a tough guy here you are crying like a little baby because you know you are going to lose.

  • Ann W.
    08/25/2020 12:05

    He has to have an excuse for if he lost. It’s not “his fault”.

  • Mark H.
    08/25/2020 08:24

    bring back the pony express they will get your mail their

  • Phil B.
    08/25/2020 07:54

    So it was rigged in 2016 and he won? And it’s rigged this year also... what if he wins again 🤔

  • Jeri R.
    08/25/2020 02:19


  • Josie D.
    08/24/2020 22:40

    It takes a fraud to know a fraud. Vote him out and his new postmaster buddy should go to jail for lying thru his teeth and for putting Americans at risk of not getting their meds, pay and pension checks etc.

  • Vasco C.
    08/24/2020 15:07

    Just give up

  • Jay W.
    08/23/2020 23:56

    He is corruption.

  • Cajee N.
    08/23/2020 21:05

    😂Fe fok sakes can use's really Even stand this man anylonger all and everything just about Donald himself just blah blah blah him self older 🤣😂 really

  • Doc C.
    08/23/2020 19:53

    Read on A H

  • Doc C.
    08/23/2020 19:52

    Trump ; YOU ARE CORRUPT ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Peter G.
    08/23/2020 19:42

    Trump really HATES AMERICA. The number of times he bad mouths the long established practices and constitution would make anyone question whether or not this is at the bidding of a foreign agent.

  • Christian S.
    08/23/2020 17:05


  • Damian M.
    08/23/2020 16:48

    Absolutely full of crap...no morals...no integrity...no empathy for the 170,000 US citizens that died on his watch, so desperate for a second term because it's really the only way for him to stay out of jail!!!!

  • Gordon E.
    08/23/2020 16:21

    Trump is a goof!

  • Shannon P.
    08/23/2020 11:44

    That’s how you’re president,RIGGED ELECTION!!

  • Frank F.
    08/23/2020 09:21

    The only fraud here is Trump himself and the only thing fraudulent has been and still is his shambolic presidency.

  • Alan D.
    08/23/2020 05:35

    He's a n idiot, anyone who voted for him is an idiot & anyone who voted for him in 2016 are idiots. His wife if you look at TV coverage can't wait to get away from him. How anyone listens to the shite coming out of his mouth beggars belief. The only thing he's doing, now that he's losing in the polls, is saying it's all a conspiracy against him, that everything was rigged if he doesn't win. TRUMP; Accept it, the only supporters you have are brain-dead, brainwashed Fool's.

  • Rita Q.
    08/23/2020 04:04


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