Donald Trump on protesters

Some are "very fine people on both sides", others are "violent mobs". Donald Trump has an ambivalent relationship with protesters...

06/04/2020 10:02 PM


  • Larry F.
    6 days

    You're gone. Screw you.

  • Paul G.
    02/11/2021 14:30

    Liar, racists and crook

  • Jose A.
    02/09/2021 20:34

    Why are people still defending him?? Clear as day you can see that he's an instigator.. He's the worst president in history and all of you defending him will never see it cuz your too dumb or ignorant

  • Jr S.
    02/09/2021 17:58


  • Maria E.
    02/07/2021 05:17

    You hideous clown.

  • James M.
    02/05/2021 23:00

    What a piece of crap this thing is!

  • Kirsten A.
    02/04/2021 21:01

    Is it disrespectful to take a knee or 2 knees before God? What about kneeling before a woman when asking for her hand in marriage? Such empty rhetoric. Again just to give his irrational minions a reason to raise havoc. They just love that he supports their bad boy willfullness to break laws.

  • Lorraine B.
    02/03/2021 21:48

    A little too late !!!

  • Chad O.
    02/03/2021 03:23

    President Trump is hands down the greatest president to ever step foot into the white house!!!! Trump 2024!!!$$$!!!!!

  • Ilise J.
    02/01/2021 05:25

    Well it happens with your people January 6 ole boy good job unhinged Trump

  • Billy L.
    02/01/2021 03:25


  • Sonja J.
    01/31/2021 20:29

    Rose Green, Thanks for the thumbs up!

  • Julia W.
    01/31/2021 20:18

    The Best President ever!!

  • Leslie W.
    01/31/2021 19:31

    Its my opinion that everyone in the House, Congress, and Senate be instructed to review this. IMPEACH AND CONVICT THIS FORMER PRESIDENT!

  • Rob W.
    01/31/2021 18:07

    BLM is a communist organization. Look it up.

  • Harold Y.
    01/31/2021 17:57

    You people are gone. Why are you leaving out the words “peaceful” and “protest”?

  • Jacci E.
    01/31/2021 17:13

    At your request you lieing POS

  • Glen H.
    01/31/2021 17:00

    You got that Right 👏👍🇺🇸

  • Monte I.
    01/31/2021 16:48

    Why is this radical left propaganda garbage coming across my page!!!! I don't even follow this page!!!

  • Philip D.
    01/31/2021 13:20

    Why would you lie about what was said at Charlotte ? They were saying JEWS will not replace us NOT you will not replace us just asking?

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