Donald Trump on the Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a far right Norwegian politician. Here's what he's had to say about the prestigious prize in the past...

09/09/2020 5:07 PMupdated: 09/09/2020 5:09 PM


  • Stephen T.
    12/26/2020 17:25

    In your wildest dreams you moronic idiot

  • Ricky A.
    09/22/2020 15:17

    Maybe the nobel peach prize

  • Manny K.
    09/22/2020 15:15

    far right extremists claim humans have biological essences

  • Mario F.
    09/22/2020 14:03

    Remember the time they nominated hitler for the nobel prize and they ended up just canceling the whole thing....hope they do it again

  • John V.
    09/22/2020 14:01

    Best president of my lifetime! Trump 2020!!

  • Kris P.
    09/22/2020 13:54

    Lmao. A far right norwegian

  • Miguel T.
    09/22/2020 13:51

    Its in their Constitution that they can't have a "Title of Nobility"

  • Susan M.
    09/22/2020 11:52

    Trump lied, 200,000 died

  • Sue G.
    09/22/2020 07:11

    Poor little boy, he so desperately wants to win a prize 😢

  • Travis P.
    09/22/2020 04:36

    trump could get a NPP for Dumbassery

  • Jim P.
    09/22/2020 04:18


  • Pete E.
    09/22/2020 03:40

    Funny part is they chant and trump thinks they are saying nobel as in give him one but they meant was No-bel as in he's not worthy of a nobel

  • Buster P.
    09/22/2020 03:28

    This guy deserves something but it ain't a Nobel Prize

  • Kory D.
    09/22/2020 01:21

    Trump 2020!

  • Ivan B.
    09/21/2020 23:40

    I think they were chanting "no bail"

  • LadyPurp N.
    09/21/2020 23:32

    Never a day in his life will be EVER get that award. Keep dreaming, even after you're dead... Keep dreaming

  • CB B.
    09/21/2020 23:17

    Deserves it more than alot of others.

  • Jay S.
    09/21/2020 23:02

    He's going to prison after he loses the election.

  • Mark R.
    09/21/2020 22:56

    What a Buffoon.

  • Mary S.
    09/21/2020 22:05

    I believe Obama has drove Trump off his Rocker . every time he opens his mouth he got to mention Obama so jealous are crazy which one maybe he's Gay

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