Donald Trump vs Jacinda Ardern on reopening the economy

New Zealand reported no new cases of coronavirus on May 12. The same day, the U.S. had over 18,000 new cases. Here's how the leaders of both countries discuss reopening their economies.

05/13/2020 10:02 PM


  • Brut News
    05/14/2020 14:45

    New Zealand is ending some of the world's toughest lockdown measures this week, after eliminating community spread:

  • Dee D.
    05/14/2020 02:39

    We really need a woman leader. What a Refreshing new change could be. 😔🌊

  • Roy R.
    05/14/2020 00:54

    I can't stand listening to this orange idiot for more than 10 seconds

  • Terri-Ann G.
    05/14/2020 00:46

    Would love to see the difference between Trump and Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, he like NZ PM gives heartfelt, compassionate and direct solutions to opening the Australian economy back up in stages with clear guidelines for each state Premier.

  • Jose R.
    05/13/2020 22:58

    TRUMP will be out of the White House next year