Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg

They’re both rich New York tycoons — but one is about 17 times wealthier. Here are the key differences between President Trump and Michael Bloomberg.

Battle of the Billionaires

How does President Trump stack up against potential 2020 opponent Michael Bloomberg? Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, a centrist Democrat, appears to be gearing up for a 2020 presidential run, and believes he stands a chance against President Trump. Bloomberg is a former mayor of New York City, owns a company named after himself a fellow billionaire. Trump is a former New York City real estate mogul, owns a company named after himself also a billionaire. But there are some key differences.

Like Bloomberg’s net worth: $52 billion versus Trump’s net worth: $3 billion. Bloomberg made his money in securities and a media empire. Trump made his money in real estate and reality TV. Bloomberg has given over $6 billion to charitable causes. Trump was ordered to dissolve his charity due to "a shocking pattern of illegality.” Bloomberg is polling at 4% with Democrats. Trump is polling at 83% with Republicans. In Bloomberg’s 12 years as mayor of the largest city in the United States, he also showed an interest in the sort of fact-based, data-driven policy that Trump finds unappealing. Perhaps most important, he recognizes that climate change is an enormous problem that needs to be tackled for the sake of humanity. That alone might make him a better leader for this country than Trump has been.

But the polls show far more support among Democratic primary voters for liberal candidates than truly moderate ones, aside from Biden. And it’s hard to tell how much of Biden’s support stems from his more moderate approach to policy versus Democrats’ understandable affection and nostalgia for the president Biden served under, Barack Obama. However, it seems early enough in the race for votes, even though it’s late in the fundraising chase. And one thing unlike Trump is Michael Bloomberg doesn’t need is anybody else’s cash.


11/23/2019 1:00 PM
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  • Lawrence E.
    11 hours


  • Lawrence E.
    11 hours


  • Mary M.
    14 hours

    fake talk by bloomberg about our president

  • John S.
    15 hours

    Both terrible Vote Bernie

  • Jerold W.
    16 hours

    Its time for a three party now in America now last the people decide.

  • Peter R.
    16 hours

    Wow the reason trump got elected is because nobody wanted hillary. Now here we go again little michael did a horrible job in nyc as mayor. Trump again? God help us

  • Jim G.
    17 hours

    Bloomberg see the truth. The only way for him to prosper is be the POTUS of a Democratic Party controlled USA. Otherwise, he will be one of us peons required to submit to the ruling class. Let's not let him be the leader of that ruling class.

  • Cindy J.
    17 hours

    I was always told to never trust a politician. that's why I trust Trump! What's the matter Dems are you mad we know now you been screwing us for years and you still want to keep on doing it. $$$$$$$$$$

  • Joseph J.
    17 hours

    Make American great again impeach and remove trump out cuz of misconduct and corruption by himself!!

  • Gregory B.
    18 hours

    Bloomberg donates money to the Muslim Brotherhood and caire. He cannot be trusted to uphold the Constitution of the United States He is for the terrorist in this country

  • Aaron H.
    18 hours

    You forgot one tried to ban soda pop and wants to rape the poor people on taxes so they can't buy soda pop and considers himself saving their lives for it.

  • John S.
    19 hours

    Bloomberg is pedaling to "the swamp" and "the swamp" is scared to death of Trump.

  • Boris T.
    20 hours

    Is there is one thing I've learned from 2016 election: Stupidity can overcome Common logic. Will see what happens.

  • Kirk S.
    a day

    Two old white men fighting. I hate them both. The represent everything that is wrong in America.

  • William A.
    a day

    After reading all the comments, I have decided that I made a hasty answer - I have not made up my mind on anyone. Bloomberg does not look as good as I thought.

  • Stephen T.
    a day

    trump doesn't think people who want to buy a big gulp should be punished. Nuff said.

  • Michael A.
    a day

    Hey fk tard Michael If you really care about this country ,and its freedom,.Buy out Faux fkg news,and fire those Brain washing Traitors..Other wise stop using your money to fkg throw a wrench in the works..with your ads ..We get it Azzhole!!!

  • Ronald M.
    a day

    Trump ain't nothing but a piece of s***

  • Shawn F.
    a day

    Oh gee, let's elect the biggest Billionaire! Next it'll be the prize for "Survivor". Who knows, maybe "American Idol" can have a say!!! What could go wrong?!

  • Maria A.
    a day

    Tulis Gabbard 2020