Donald Trump vs. Michael Bloomberg

They’re both rich New York tycoons — but one is about 17 times wealthier. Here are the key differences between President Trump and Michael Bloomberg.

Battle of the Billionaires

How does President Trump stack up against potential 2020 opponent Michael Bloomberg? Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, a centrist Democrat, appears to be gearing up for a 2020 presidential run, and believes he stands a chance against President Trump. Bloomberg is a former mayor of New York City, owns a company named after himself a fellow billionaire. Trump is a former New York City real estate mogul, owns a company named after himself also a billionaire. But there are some key differences.

Like Bloomberg’s net worth: $52 billion versus Trump’s net worth: $3 billion. Bloomberg made his money in securities and a media empire. Trump made his money in real estate and reality TV. Bloomberg has given over $6 billion to charitable causes. Trump was ordered to dissolve his charity due to "a shocking pattern of illegality.” Bloomberg is polling at 4% with Democrats. Trump is polling at 83% with Republicans. In Bloomberg’s 12 years as mayor of the largest city in the United States, he also showed an interest in the sort of fact-based, data-driven policy that Trump finds unappealing. Perhaps most important, he recognizes that climate change is an enormous problem that needs to be tackled for the sake of humanity. That alone might make him a better leader for this country than Trump has been.

But the polls show far more support among Democratic primary voters for liberal candidates than truly moderate ones, aside from Biden. And it’s hard to tell how much of Biden’s support stems from his more moderate approach to policy versus Democrats’ understandable affection and nostalgia for the president Biden served under, Barack Obama. However, it seems early enough in the race for votes, even though it’s late in the fundraising chase. And one thing unlike Trump is Michael Bloomberg doesn’t need is anybody else’s cash.


11/23/2019 1:00 PM
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  • Jodi L.
    a day

    Who cares

  • Lj G.
    a day

    Bloomberg is no Donald Trump. He couldn't stack up to his shin Bloomberg works for the swamp Trump works for the people

  • Priscilla K.
    a day

    Bloomberg is a smarter wiser and better person than that sniffing , sniveling foul mouthed imbecile 45 could ever hope to be.

  • Nora M.
    a day

    One has people fooled and has no money! Crooked t is after taxpayer money and everything he can get with it.

  • Josephine C.
    a day

    President Trump is a better Man Bloomberg is a crooked Man and if he ever run for President he will destroy the good that President Trump has accomplish and will destroy this this Country worse than Ombama we will suffer but it will be ready bad

  • Gary O.
    a day

    God and Trump will win 2020

  • Susan K.
    a day

    Who cares how rich either one is the right question is who will make the best president.

  • Carol A.
    2 days

    Trump to win.

  • Danny R.
    2 days

    I used to watch fox news When obama was president WITH THIS BIGOT I watch CNN. IT JUST GET WORST.. MAYBE AM GROWING OLD FOR ALL THIS ,B,C

  • Nancy G.
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  • Terry F.
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  • Dave F.
    2 days

    one is a tycoon, the other a buffoon. take out the trash, nov. 2020

  • Marc N.
    2 days

  • Carol P.
    2 days

    Who you gonna ask for dirt on him

  • Joey J.
    2 days

    Blumberg will take your guns so Obama's buddies in Iran might have a chance to over run us

  • Dustin J.
    2 days

    Behind my president 110%. Trump 2020

  • Ernie F.
    2 days

    Democrats push that socialist platform where only a moron could endorse it he'd be better off running independent

  • Brian D.
    2 days

    Good luck Mr. Bloomberg...hahahaha

  • Jim J.
    2 days

    One is a criminal and the other is Michael Bloomberg.

  • Mark G.
    2 days

    Screw you Gloomberg.