• Patricia L.
    5 hours

    Making my head hurt again.

  • Cecil B.
    6 hours

    Me ,ME, ME, ME all about Me. I'm so smart everyone knows that.

  • Carlos C.
    9 hours

    He has a natural ability to be an idiot

  • Colin M.
    9 hours

    A natural ability to be an absolute stupid person 😅

  • Robert J.
    9 hours

    We hug u

  • Birgit P.
    14 hours

    My head hurts, I now need to lie down in a darkened room. Must be my feeble female brain can’t process all the very difficult magnificent science talk 🙈

  • Mark M.
    15 hours

    Have they come up with an anti Trump vaccine yet?

  • Mariano S.
    15 hours

    There should be a law requiring all candidates aspiring to become public servants, to undergo and pass psychological and psychiatrical examinations !

  • Jonathan L.
    20 hours

    What a wack job 🤣

  • Michaela L.
    20 hours

    I farton him.

  • Greg M.
    a day

    Soooo SICK of an EGO!!

  • Robert L.
    a day

    Stupid. Period. Vote him out.

  • Pavlos M.
    a day

    Trying to prove that Trumb is dumb, makes you look stupid. He is a billionaire. And he will be President again. Suck it.

  • Patricia T.
    a day


  • Joan S.
    a day

    Trump is very sick

  • Jimmi L.
    a day

    Well hes the funniest president, even if hes retarded.

  • Wayne B.
    a day

    I have never seen anyone so self absorbed in my whole life.

  • Keith S.
    a day

    Trumpty takes a slap upside the orange side of his mouth

  • Sam L.
    a day


  • Becky L.
    a day


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