East Coast vs. West Coast Clichés

Is everyone in L.A. an influencer? Are New Yorkers really that rude? Here's what people on the East Coast and West Coast really think of each other.

The West Coast will continue giving the East Coast a run for its money

The stereotypes of East Coasters and West Coasters have been around almost as long as there has been a right and left side of the United States. People from the West Coast say East Coasters are uptight, unfriendly, and stressed out. Meanwhile people on the East Coast tend to think of West Coasters as flakey, serene, and healthier. East Coasters, so the story goes, are more prudish, proper, and conservative in their dress. and social attitudes. In stark contrast, West Coasters have a more free-flowing, casual, and hippy-style — and liberal in their beliefs. Is there any merit to these generalizations of the attitudes and behavior of people living on the opposite sides of the country?

Do New Yorkers eat anything other than pizza? When it comes to pizza, New Yorkers don't mess around. From cheap slices to neo-Neapolitans, we know how to make the perfect pie. And how not to. These are the things New Yorkers wish the rest of the world knew about everyone's favorite food. Californians will use any excuse to get outside, even if it’s just to sit out by the communal pool of their apartment complexes. But with places Yosemite, The Avenue of Giants, Monterey Beach, Glacier Point, the lava tube caves under Tulelake, swimming at Big Bear, and of course miles and miles of beach—plus all that famous California sunshine… who the heck wants to stay inside?

There's a lot of public transportation in New York City, and you can take the subway or a bus to most places you want to go. But taxis are convenient, although a more expensive, way to get from place to place in the city. They are an affordable option when you have a group of people moving around together who can split the fare. You also don't have to wait for the subway or bus or do a lot of walking between your destination and where you board. If it's tropical-level hot or Arctic frigid, a cab is a true luxury. Los Angeles drivers spent, on average, 128 hours stuck in traffic last year, according to a new report from transportation data tracker INRIX. Those lengthy delays helped to make LA the fifth most congested city in the U.S., by the company’s metrics. More reasons why the West Coast will continue giving the East Coast a run for its money.