• Trevor P.
    06/08/2020 20:50

    👿Politicians and😈 banksters look at these scenes and laugh to death🤡, how emotionally the masses act..MONEY AND POWER matters to them only.

  • Eliz G.
    06/08/2020 01:28

    LIAR. Fake. Has no interest in the. Working man

  • Nicky Z.
    06/05/2020 12:50

    The fake Pocahontas as always lying and photo op

  • Ryan R.
    06/05/2020 05:11

    Hahahahahah this fool hasnt come to her senses yet!

  • Paul Watson
    06/05/2020 02:05


  • Luis C.
    06/04/2020 23:17

    Pocahontas 😂🖕🏼

  • Luis C.
    06/04/2020 23:17


  • Levi S.
    06/04/2020 16:56


  • Ahui D.
    06/04/2020 11:38


  • Sandra H.
    06/04/2020 11:21

    Your all’s comments are cracking me up 😂

  • Alex G.
    06/04/2020 03:16

    A snake joined in

  • Bill M.
    06/04/2020 00:54

    Who let her out?

  • Peter S.
    06/04/2020 00:28

    I don’t see Bunker Boy in the crowds or even talking to protesters. I guess his bone spurs hurt to much.

  • Hoang N.
    06/03/2020 23:40

    P còn gì la thành phố phá hoại o ra gì

  • Love G.
    06/03/2020 23:01

    Leadership is about triggering riots, looting, vandalism as what democrsts are now doing.

  • Love G.
    06/03/2020 22:57

    Dont think its trump. Its your democ rats party that is bad.

  • Cody C.
    06/03/2020 20:44

    No political party cares, they use issues to gain votes,

  • Kathleen S.
    06/03/2020 17:13

    Yes especially when you ... fauxcahontas

  • Kyle T.
    06/03/2020 17:10

    Now is she Gunna say she's black? 😂

  • Osman M.
    06/03/2020 17:02

    Prophet muhammad(pease be upon him) O people,your lord is one and your father adam is one. There is no favor of an Arab over a foreigner, nor a foreigner over an Arab, and neither white skin over black skin, nor black skin over white skin, except by righteosness. Have I not delivered the message?" They said, "The Messenger of Allah has delivered the message." https://youtu.be/HAarpnDLkyk

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