Evangelical advisor backed up the president

Trump's evangelical advisor says the president is “fulfilling his God-given responsibility” with his threats against North Korea.

08/10/2017 12:00 AM


  • Ralph W.
    08/12/2018 15:04

    F___k him and his religion!

  • Sierra M.
    09/28/2017 13:08

    literally stfu

  • Michael X.
    08/21/2017 20:09

    What Bible is this idiot reading?

  • Saundra G.
    08/21/2017 17:19

    What a goofy POS..yuck..

  • Raul C.
    08/21/2017 05:40

    This guy is so deep in the closet it's not funny.

  • Greg S.
    08/21/2017 03:10

    Oh, God no. There is at least one other reason a Christian might take issue with what you say: You completely missed the point of Jesus' life and message. You are a fraud ministering to a fraud. Now would be a good time for you to shut up.

  • Kimmy J.
    08/21/2017 02:01

    ain't this the guy who pastored First Baptist Church in WF?

  • Dan M.
    08/20/2017 20:59

    We've had too many wars in the name of religion.

  • Camille J.
    08/20/2017 02:48

    I don't remember read that #45 in particular has those grants by God. 😳

  • Laurie K.
    08/19/2017 15:03

    Hopefully Kelly can force out this fruitcake also. Trump loves his Sycophants.

  • Larry M.
    08/19/2017 07:22

    Pro life. Pro assassination. No contradiction there.

  • Brittney C.
    08/18/2017 18:05

    Good explanation 🙄

  • Jim M.
    08/18/2017 16:50

    Bible is a great classic and mite made sense, back then & some subjects now,...time is different now..and modern human have more collective knowledge sheeps has more knowledge than 300 (aprox) generation back now..

  • Dan L.
    08/18/2017 04:28

    He's about 50 and still reading a Bible... Wow

  • Roberta S.
    08/17/2017 18:30


  • Darin O.
    08/17/2017 16:39

    Ignorance of Americans is the cause of these problems. Americans are so arrogant that they are clueless to how ignorant they have become. Any white person that believes they are superior have no idea about the value of zero. I'm interested to see how many people actually try to figure out the value of zero, and how many will reflexively dismiss it.

  • Darin O.
    08/17/2017 16:39

    The oldest form of slavery is debt bondage. Why isn't this taught in school?

  • Darin O.
    08/17/2017 16:38

    The knowledge of Sophistical Refutation, psychological projection, emotional immaturity/attachment, and brainwashing techniques gives one power over the programmers.

  • Darin O.
    08/17/2017 16:38

    The wealthy elite use government as their weapon against the working class globally. All the conflicts are the wealthy using militaries to steal resources. Monarchies have existed for thousands of years using the same pattern to control the masses. Government, Religion, Law, and Banking are the 4 pillars of illusionary mind control. Government is perceived as being for the people, but the reality is it is against the people. Religion preaches peace & love yet practices hate & war. Law is perceived to be based on truth and is justice when it always favors the wealthy's needs at the expense of the people, and private banking is to secure a nations wealth with the reality of stealing a nation's wealth.

  • Philip B.
    08/17/2017 10:52

    Trump is in the Bible?

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