• Wilhelm D.
    08/15/2020 20:42

    Look at this so called ‘ex cop’... he should have I listed in the Elbow Rangers.

  • Samantha C.
    07/16/2020 19:02

    Thank you for speaking truth

  • Anette S.
    07/01/2020 22:40

    https://www.facebook.com/jarlgre/videos/3272264879471658/UzpfSTc1NjU4MDM0MzoxMDE2MzkwMzUwOTQzNTM0NA/ Just learn from this video, they just laugh all the time.

  • Gramz B.
    06/19/2020 03:38

    Thank you Smith, for telling the truth. People need to hear this.

  • Libre F.
    06/17/2020 08:50

    Well done to speak out, mister! Even overseas the reputation of the USA policesystem-and morality is known as power hungry, dangerous, with a low IQ-level and provocative mentality. I mean, its really so sad to see so many innocent black people murdered by those eskadrons....it is that it breaks my heart, otherwise the policesystem makes itsself ridiculous. From here we don't even want to come for a holiday to america anymore.

  • Ryan W.
    06/17/2020 07:38

    Is this guy for real?! SMH What an embarrassment.

  • Shreya G.
    06/16/2020 22:53

    Did you know that they actively don't select high IQ people after the written test for becoming a police officer? They want people in a comfortable bracket where they're smart enough to follow orders and dumb enough to not question them. There was a man who was denied the job because he was too smart for it.

  • Peggy M.
    06/16/2020 21:47

    Why do stupid people like that even open their f****** mouth.

  • Mary S.
    06/16/2020 18:59

    I like him

  • Carlos F.
    06/16/2020 18:54

    Sound like Mexico a lots a laws but no one follows the law

  • Sharron W.
    06/16/2020 16:58

    If their resistance to change then it’s time to fire the killers. Their liars and they think it’s okay to harass black people and kill them if they get a chance. Their racist and frankly their scum of the world. Time to rid the sewer rats, we don’t need them.

  • Margaret S.
    06/16/2020 16:46

    This took courage. Thank you

  • Zudikas M.
    06/16/2020 16:31

    This whole police thing is very easy unraveled: Police credo is "serve and protect" but it's only part true coz the whole thing is "serve and protect the wealthy" that what it was 200 years ago and not a thing have changed since

  • Michael A.
    06/16/2020 15:59

    he worked in a democrat force run by democrat, there is the problem...no one tells on the criminals, but everyone tells on the police

  • Marie H.
    06/16/2020 15:53

    In a way he says the truth about if they do not follow up. The racist became comfortable having power over people and hate rules laid for them to follow. Every corrupted in control, refuses to leave their seat.

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