Ex-General Wes Clark on kneeling controversy

"Veterans don't own the US flag." Wesley Clark, 36-year vet and retired four-star general, weighs in on the kneeling controversy and why the U.S. needs to "live up to our values." 🇺🇸

09/30/2018 5:01 PM


  • Tom Z.
    11/11/2018 04:16

    I Stand with His Excellency Honorary General Clark, USA 🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸

  • Jf A.
    10/16/2018 01:20

    Soo,,a wrestler can wear some underwear with the flag on in,same as a stripper covering their crotch,,and that's ok,,,isn't that disrespectful??

  • Gary P.
    10/09/2018 17:10

    He is a has-been.

  • Roseanne S.
    10/09/2018 10:54

    I always admired General Clark! I voted for him in the 2004 primary.

  • Doesjka F.
    10/09/2018 05:55

    Totally AGREE !

  • Joan H.
    10/09/2018 04:01

    For those that aren’t getting it, taking the knee is not turning your back on the flag or country. It’s freedom of speech and letting us all know that something is up. Wake up and do some research. Look at the systemic systems that oppress so many people of color in our country.

  • Danny G.
    10/09/2018 03:23

    This is why General is one of my favorites!

  • Duane F.
    10/08/2018 22:59

    Get out of here.

  • Barry S.
    10/08/2018 22:08

    Consider.. a Draft-dodging president can tell us what is disrespectful to our Flag? Whoever did he serve?

  • Kenneth A.
    10/08/2018 19:35

    This needs to go viral...

  • Kathleen A.
    10/08/2018 19:03

    Touche. Understand the issue and don't listen to those who just jump on a bandwagon because somebody said it.Thanks.

  • Debra H.
    10/08/2018 18:07

    People can always ignore the kneeling just as they ignore the injustice.

  • Debra H.
    10/08/2018 18:07

    Forced allegiance is just that. Forced. If you want to live in a country that forces pledges to flags and and songs there is always North Korea.

  • James C.
    10/08/2018 17:24

    Thank you sir!!! Very well said and I’m a Vet.

  • Steven E.
    10/08/2018 16:27


  • Pat H.
    10/08/2018 16:11

    Thank you sir....well said...

  • Petra C.
    10/08/2018 14:55

    I agree and I’m a veteran who does not believe in forced patriotism

  • Sixto R.
    10/08/2018 13:21

    I agree with you that he should be heard by everyone but from the history of giving respect to the flag of the nation we should stand like every part of the world how they valued their national anthem....

  • John M.
    10/08/2018 12:19

    white can be stupid to

  • Rita C.
    10/08/2018 12:14


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