Expectation vs. Reality: 4th of July

4th of July weekend: expectations versus reality! Happy birthday, America! 😏🎆🎉đŸ‡ș🇾

07/04/2017 12:00 AM


  • Kath R.
    07/05/2017 21:49

    You snowflakes are so damn cute. I'm so glad us gun holding American Proud people have won and we got the president we wanted. If you get the hell out of this great country you can get some other shity ruler and then complain about him but we won't have to hear it or see it! That would have made July 4th even better

  • Aundrew D.
    07/05/2017 20:04

    Oh yea making America great again 😂😂😂😂

  • Richie R.
    07/05/2017 19:09

    Jaja, they call themselves America (continent)

  • Fernando A.
    07/05/2017 17:57

    Typical white guy.

  • Tarantula S.
    07/05/2017 14:22

    How much do you guys spend on advertising just to bad mouth Trump?

  • Jay H.
    07/05/2017 14:11

    I don't get this video?

  • Nick W.
    07/05/2017 13:29

    It seems like brut is a little out of touch with reality...

  • Donald L.
    07/05/2017 11:43

    Is it me or does Chris Christie looks like a whale

  • Ginny H.
    07/05/2017 09:23

    I grew up in New Jersey and used to love his outspoken, honest way of approaching things. Now he's just a Trump wussy and a liar. He has lost all touch with the average person and doesn't care. What a creep!

  • Eduardo Z.
    07/05/2017 03:47

    Celebrating 4th of July whit Chinese fireworks lol

  • Will B.
    07/05/2017 02:38

    I had no idea Christie was that fat. I mean damn. I would make a fat joke but nah. Thers not enough fat jokes in the world for him.

  • David A.
    07/05/2017 00:19

    Why does this have to be political?!? Go celebrate with your family in whatever way you feel like!! HBD AMERICA!!!

  • Crystal E.
    07/04/2017 23:21

    How are they gonna go to the beach without a single blanket, umbrella, cooler, or bucket and shovel in sight? The whole beach to themselves and it still looks boring as hell! Republicans can make anything lame apparently. 😄

  • Dave G.
    07/04/2017 23:13

    Doesn't get more American than that. This whole country is a false reality.

  • Cecilia M.
    07/04/2017 22:02

    Oh geez😂

  • Loren S.
    07/04/2017 22:02


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