Extinction Rebellion Around the World

They're young, they come from around the world, and this week they are protesting against their governments' inaction on the climate crisis. This is Extinction Rebellion — and here is their message.

The protesters brought the globe to a standstill

Dozens of protesters were arrested after shutting down a Times Square intersection to draw attention to climate change, an NYPD spokesman confirmed. Demonstrators affiliated with the group Extinction Rebellion parked a green sailboat on Broadway and West 44th Street and surrounded the vessel, blocking cars from using the road. Police began arresting protesters about 45 minutes later, taking 62 people into custody, an NYPD spokesman said. Charges against the protesters are pending but will mostly likely be for disorderly conduct, the spokesman said.

Tourists and workers on Wall Street were met by a jarring spectacle: protesters, some lying in pools of fake blood outside the New York Stock Exchange, some dancing and others chanting, all to call attention to people killed by climate-related disease and disaster. “Drowned in attic,” read one sign in the shape of a cardboard gravestone that was lying next to a protester playing dead; another read, “Couldn’t Outrun Wildfire.” The demonstrators, led by the protest group Extinction Rebellion, were kicking off five days of civil disobedience planned across the city, the country and the rest of the world.

By disrupting several landmarks in the heart of New York’s financial district and by blocking traffic on Broadway, the group hoped to start building up its relatively small American movement with the kind of street muscle and influence it has quickly amassed in its birthplace, the United Kingdom. The group Extinction Rebellion launched its "international rebellion" to protest government inaction on climate change on Oct. 7, 2019, according to the organization's website. The movement will feature protests in 60 different cities worldwide such as London, Paris and NYC. Jonathan Palash-Miznir (XR Youth US coordinator), Olivia Wohlgemuth (Fridays For Future organizer and XR activist), Sophie Anderson (XR Youth US coordinator), Giovanni Tamacas (XR activist), Xander (farmer and XR activist), and Christina Ellsberg (student and XR activist) all spoke to Brut. while fighting for the world’s environmental rights.