Farrakhan connection damages Women's March

Who is Louis Farrakhan? The controversial leader is casting a shadow over the Women's March — and the future of the entire movement.

01/18/2019 12:21 PM


  • Reyo W.
    01/25/2019 04:24

    Only white folks are against him

  • Donavon L.
    01/21/2019 17:15

    That's the truth....most people will believe a lie so they can feel good, but the truth will set you free..

  • Glenn D.
    01/21/2019 16:54

    He's with the muslim brotherhood which believes women are property. So it makes sense he would do this.

  • Guadalupe C.
    01/21/2019 14:49

    Would like to see this expand to show for example footage of the Jewish people who in NYC recently harassed with racist taunts a Black parking enforcement.

  • Paul M.
    01/21/2019 14:32

    Is antisemitism the biggest offence in the world? Give us a break. Let people talk freely and condemn all illegal actions all over the world. There are definitely no special groups of people who never make mistakes.

  • Robin H.
    01/21/2019 06:32

    Emilys list, DNC don't get to tell black people what to do.

  • Robert B.
    01/20/2019 14:47

    But did he lie?

  • Chris C.
    01/20/2019 04:17

    Hey I'm not farrakhan fan but most of that is true and I have no big problem with it except everyone acts like is a hidden conspiracy when they are make up over 25 percent of billionaires and make up less than 2 percent the population and control more than 25 percent of all america capital. From machinery to money to land to business to valuables.

  • Nathan A.
    01/19/2019 14:30

    They are monkey devils just look how they shoot black teenage boys (16 times) and get off free

  • Louis R.
    01/19/2019 12:14

    Running for democratic president......

  • Mario M.
    01/19/2019 05:03

    Calypso Louie

  • John M.
    01/19/2019 04:12

    So why are they canceling the 2019 marches because it’s to white? Any white women want to answer that for me...

  • Joe E.
    01/19/2019 04:10

    Farrakhan the best

  • Darrel Y.
    01/19/2019 01:21

    Love The Min

  • Josie C.
    01/18/2019 21:22


  • Jaime L.
    01/18/2019 20:22


  • Lee S.
    01/18/2019 20:15

    Don't complain. Get rid of him.

  • Patricia G.
    01/18/2019 20:06

    He is nothing more than a hate monger - dispicable person . RLS

  • Thomas J.
    01/18/2019 19:34

    He aint tripping but,he is trippn

  • Christopher J.
    01/18/2019 19:11

    the women's march has now officially became a joke. Having Louis Farrakhan a man who said Hitler was a good man and defending him? This is why people mock feminism