Father of trans teen arrested and dragged out of Arkansas Senate

"There are more genders than you are aware of ... You do not know the mind of God." In March, the father of a trans teen was dragged out of the Arkansas Senate and arrested for going over his allotted time while speaking against anti-trans legislation. He was 30 seconds over his time.

05/06/2021 8:27 PM


  • Oscar C.
    05/07/2021 20:55

    Mental health illness. Satan doing his work with the weak

  • Craig C.
    05/07/2021 11:39

    God isn't real so his point is mute.

  • Nancy L.
    05/07/2021 10:59

    💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 💴💴💴💴💴💴💴 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻

  • Richard G.
    05/07/2021 10:53

    this man speaks the truth even if it’s upon deaf ears...much like those commenting here...

  • Neal A.
    05/06/2021 22:29

    He exceeded his time and wanted to create theater, since his argument sucked

  • Caron B.
    05/06/2021 22:09


  • Dave J.
    05/06/2021 21:29

    complete nonsense and as a father he should know better. A state of mind is not a sex and therefore a legal decision based on sex does not apply to Tans Gender identification.

  • Silvia M.
    05/06/2021 21:27

    Parents are responsible for their kids. To take this right from them is going against the nature. Parents will do everything to protect their children. Isn't it what the Bible says? Let them doing their job, saving their children from suicide.

  • Moory M.
    05/06/2021 21:05

    It’s against anti-nature and against people’s mind sickness We are human and we believe in two gender : Male/Female no more no less Naturally there is one sex orientation

  • Rodrigo J.
    05/06/2021 20:58

    It’s so sad how people actually believe this is better for minors. Many restrictions are 18+ or 21+ to protect minors from their own reckless decisions. Yes reckless because most minors are incompetent of making permanent decisions due to their immaturity . I don’t see why this subject is any different from many federal laws already put in place to protect minors from themselves.

  • Shaun B.
    05/06/2021 20:57

    You are a moron.

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