First two months as POTUS, compared

Comparing Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump first actions as POTUS, spotting any differences ?

03/29/2017 11:32 AM
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  • Alex V.
    03/29/2017 15:30

    Fuck Trump a piece of crap

  • Jason P.
    03/29/2017 15:34

    Let's not forget 1 of these 2 men ended up doubling our national debt. Created more debt then every president before him. Let's not forget 1 of these 2 men created an "environment" where we have the LARGEST percentage of the population EVER on welfare. Has created a dangerously low workforce participation percentage and put so much burden on the middle class that the line between middle class and poor is paper thin yet the line between rich and middle class has never been larger. Let's not forget 1 of these 2 men created an environment that allowed one of the most dangerous terrorist group in history not only survive but thrive. Let's not forget 1 of these 2 men has allowed MILLIONS of illegals live freely with out consequences in our society. Using our resources and being a burden on our social services. Yes the words of these 2 men are drastically different yet we already know the results of 1 of these 2 men.

  • Alex B.
    03/29/2017 15:59

    The only difference is that Trump actually did what he said he would do.

  • Lulu L.
    03/29/2017 16:13

    How can you compare mentally ill trump to President Obama who is intelligent !!!

  • Christopher Z.
    03/29/2017 16:26

    Trump is so correct. Obama and his policies fail.

  • Raul A.
    03/29/2017 17:12 Like Donald say FAKE NEWS

  • Bobby B.
    03/29/2017 17:15

    I want to cry. I miss you Obama

  • Rick S.
    03/29/2017 17:32

    Isn't the steel pipes being imported from China ?

  • Victor C.
    03/29/2017 19:19

    Numbers don't lie. Unemployment 4% Debt created by Bush's war. Never attacked by any terrorist group from abroad on Obamas watch!!!!! Bin Laden DEAD!!!! On Obamas watch. These are facts. Obama will be a legend. Now we got this pedophile rapist scum. Let see trump. Muslim ban. LOST twice. Russias Bitch Big "L" Healthcare LOST. Lies about everything, even what he posts on his twitter account. The biggest fools are the idiots that still support this clown. I know, I know. But Hillarys emails. Jackasses.

  • Monica D.
    03/29/2017 19:20

    Norma Jean

  • Anthony C.
    03/29/2017 19:44

    they both fkn worthless. ..

  • Scott C.
    03/29/2017 20:42

    Whether you like or dislike obama, please see this as a fallacy. Times were completely different when both of these men got into office and different problems were apparent.

  • Ryan E.
    03/29/2017 20:49

    compare the difference in how much obama added to the deficit and how much trump took away.

  • Baileigh B.
    03/29/2017 21:25

    Yeah the difference is that Obama was all talk and while most things he said sounded great--none of those things happened. Hopefully Trump will do the things he says.

  • Ray D.
    03/29/2017 22:00

    Thank God for president Trump

  • Gaby M.
    03/29/2017 22:10

    Ya dejen de joder ya obama paso les guste oh no es trump el que no le guste pues que se valla a su pais y ya

  • Alberto G.
    03/29/2017 22:36

    Fuck trump

  • Claudia G.
    03/30/2017 00:51

    No puedo creer como llego a la presidencia

  • Andrew P.
    03/30/2017 06:00

    Yeah, Trump is getting shit done.

  • Bobby G.
    03/30/2017 06:04

    I know Arnold can't say shit he was the governor of California and fucking ruined it. we can't even by new pistol. because his punk ass. He is a fucking lame and failure so he can't say shit about Trump!!!