Five Moods of Robert Mueller

He's not always unflappable — when he's not reading directly from his 448-page report, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has shown flashes of personality. 😑

Mueller Moods

Joke-y: During his 2001 FBI Director confirmation hearing: “Yes, indeed, it is my belief you don't--this maybe my training from the Marine Corps, but you don't ask people to do that which you're unwilling to do yourself. I have already taken that polygraph.” Senator Hatch replies, “The only reason I ask that question is because I knew you had, and I just think it is important for people to----" How did you do? Chairman Leahy interrupts. “Yes, how did you do?” Senator Hatch chimes in as laughter ensues. Mr. Mueller gleefully answers the question, “I'm sitting here. That's all I can say.” Senator Hatch ends the exchange with “We just hope you had a good examiner, that is all.”

Testy: During a 2013 Boston bombings testimony - “Why was that not done, if such a thorough job was done? “Your facts are not altogether well-founded” “Point out specifically”— “May I finish my” — “Point out specifically—Sir, if you’re gonna call me a liar you need to point out specifically where any facts are wrong.” “We went to the mosque — prior to Boston. Prior to Boston happening…we were in the mosque talking to Imam as part of our outreach efforts. Sir,” Mueller retorted.

Cool: While questioned in 2007 - Rep Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) I’m asking you to tell us what the conversation was… I don’t think that’s a privilege. and I don’t want a conversation, I want what’s in your psyche. Did you consider it yourself? That’s not a conversation, that’s a state of mind. Well, to the extent that I follow through on the state of mind, then it is a conversation. Again, I would resist getting into that conversation.

Humble: 2013 surveillance and smartphones - Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah): It’s terribly disappointing to come to this point, talk about something that is in the headlines of every newscast, I gave the questions in advance…

Noble: In a 2017 speech at Tabor Academy – “If you are not honest, your reputation will suffer. And once lost, a good reputation can never, ever be regained. There’s a saying that goes, if you have integrity that nothing else matters, and if you do not have integrity, nothing else matters."

These are the 5 key moods of Robert Mueller…