Florida's death penalty

Florida’s death penalty law was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Today the state is set to execute a prisoner for the first time in 18 months.

08/24/2017 7:30 PM
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  • Brandon S.
    08/25/2017 12:05

    Rick Scott is also a monster. P

  • Larry W.
    08/25/2017 12:38

    What's the problem with life sentences instead of death?

  • Adrian M.
    08/25/2017 13:09

    I understand death row because people do horrible crimes and deserve to be punished, but I can't help but think about all the people who they put on death row that are innocent. And why is it the "Christians" who love death row and watching people die??

  • Johnathan L.
    08/25/2017 13:29

    Well, dude set to be executed is convicted of killing specifically black people in hate crimes...THIS TIME, I don't care what Florida does to the p.o.s. killing is wrong in general, but that monster was TRYING to ensure he could kill as many blacks as possible and the state dealt with him. *shrugs*

  • Gloria A.
    08/25/2017 13:29

    My question is how many prisoners , have we executed. Only to find out that the prosecuting attorney failed or withheld exculpatory evidence , or police manipulated evidence or provided a false witness against the executed prisoner ???

  • Maria M.
    08/25/2017 13:30

    Death is the easy way out.. we need to figure out how we can do better. These are people..some are innocent. . Life sentences is a start.

  • Mataayo M.
    08/25/2017 13:37

    They say two wrong don't make it right. Killing the criminal will not fill the void the victim's family has for the loss. That emptiness will still be there after the criminal in executed. Forgiveness on the other hand is something that could relieve you of that heavy burden of revenge because you get to live your life and not think about revenge all the time.

  • Gilbert R.
    08/25/2017 13:40

    Every one wants the death penalty untill its their neck or someone close to them.. If we are gonna do it lets go game of thrones......right in front of the court house big ass sword....chop off with their head.....

  • Juan M.
    08/25/2017 14:04

    Fuck that have proof said person killed 9 people an eye for an eye kill that asshole. Get your If the lawyer held evidence showing a person is innocent than that lawyer will be going to jail.

  • Joseph U.
    08/25/2017 14:07

    Shore she wants to protect her people, and she does not know any better.

  • Jesus V.
    08/25/2017 14:22

    Damn no death penalty for murderers just life sentences at the expense of the taxpayer's money. Fuck that bring back the chair!!!

  • Henry F.
    08/25/2017 14:27

    That piece of garbage deserved to die.

  • Tom L.
    08/25/2017 14:28

    If you take someone else's life, you should pay the ultimate price.

  • Nick L.
    08/25/2017 14:29

    Death penalty should be mandatory for certain crimes child molestation rape and murder all fall in that category

  • Kimya S.
    08/25/2017 14:39

    Hhmmm, not sure how I feel because I believe in the death penalty. I just don't trust the JUST US system...

  • Christopher B.
    08/25/2017 14:44

    Death row costs more than life, and considering prison, a life sentence seems far more brutal than an execution. Life sentence also removes the chance of killing the wrong person. I don't quite understand why some people want death sentence. Can someone explain? The only thing I could think of unempathetically is not providing resources like food, water, and space to a hardcore criminal who could warrant a death sentence.

  • Bee C.
    08/25/2017 14:45

    If then death penalty is a go please Take down all The homegrown domestic terrorist kkk nazi scum 👍

  • Merissa F.
    08/25/2017 14:45

    How can people be okay with the death penalty but not with abortions? Both would still be considered taking a life. 🤔

  • Chico B.
    08/25/2017 15:02

    The DEATH PENALTY Is Needed Some Trash deserves to be Handled Properly

  • Connor H.
    08/25/2017 15:10

    Killing someone is a pretty sure way of ensuring someone doesn't get released ma'am.