Former Navy SEAL's reaction to the transgender's ban

"Diversity is powerful." An inclusive and powerful message from transgender veteran Kristin Beck, pushing back against President Trump's transgender ban.

07/28/2017 3:10 PM
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  • Charlie B.
    07/28/2017 16:43

    Speaking like a true leader 👏👏

  • Bailey T.
    07/28/2017 17:20


  • Cary J.
    07/28/2017 18:26

    My brother had the honor of meeting her!

  • Meleki M.
    07/28/2017 19:01

    Beautifully said

  • Troya B.
    07/28/2017 19:12

    That excuse about being too expensive was the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. The military literally spends 5X as much on VIAGRA as they do for all trans members serving. Sickening.

  • Austin A.
    07/28/2017 19:47


  • Jessica D.
    07/28/2017 21:39


  • Courtney E.
    07/28/2017 21:57


  • Patrick K.
    07/28/2017 22:23

    He served

  • Carley S.
    07/28/2017 22:49

    She's just not a good example because she waited until she was done serving to transition. Nobody has a problem with that, I'm sure.

  • Alton D.
    07/28/2017 23:13

    Thank you for your service

  • Donna B.
    07/28/2017 23:25

    It didn't change suddenly, Trump is upholding Obamas policy.

  • Amanda N.
    07/28/2017 23:35

    No distractions in war. Sorry but when I see a half man/half woman pass me I look.

  • Heidi V.
    07/28/2017 23:45

    Thank you very much for fighting for our country Kristin beck!❤️

  • Sebastian B.
    07/29/2017 00:31

    Reading the comments I just see that her message went over the heads of so many of you. Watch the video again without clinging to your biases: left and right.

  • Danny R.
    07/29/2017 00:49

    Yeah she waited for her transition after the military why didn't she do it before? Because its an expensive surgery and duhhh the military pays for everything so why not lol. Very big difference she used the military system to convert.

  • Raymond R.
    07/29/2017 01:09

    She looks like the white lady from wendy williams

  • Sean S.
    07/29/2017 01:19

    I identify myself as a tomatoe, can i join military? Oh wait, i had surgery, my stem was removed, im a deformed unatural thing now

  • Danielle R.
    07/29/2017 02:00

    Speaking from a psychology standpoint, with the current cost to upkeep harmonal treatment and the negative effects transition has on your body, I don't think medical readiness is on the list for Transgenders in the military. Especially when they rely on medicial attention and pills to keep them mentally content. You don't need a book to know forcing your sex change and reversing your bodys natural chemical balance will have it's negative effects. And since Gender Dysohoria is considered a mental illness, which many are prohibited in the military, I see no reason why it shouldn't be treated any differently than any other abnormalities, until otherwise.

  • Shannen M.
    07/29/2017 02:04

    Hey conservatives, what ever happened to "respecting our soldiers/vets"? Or does that only apply to a select few you cherry picked? You fuckin hypocrites.