Former Navy SEAL's reaction to the transgender's ban

"Diversity is powerful." An inclusive and powerful message from transgender veteran Kristin Beck, pushing back against President Trump's transgender ban.

07/28/2017 3:10 PM
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  • BalLords B.
    07/30/2017 00:22

  • Stephanie J.
    07/29/2017 22:36

    Want to share this with everyone: Let’s put this whole Transgenders in the military debate in to proper perspective. Alittle COMMON SENSE COMING AT YOU!!!!! Here's a little medical info on this subject: There are 3 steps that need to be taken to transition: 1. Psychological evaluation and counseling 2. Extensive surgery 3. Ongoing medical treatment to maintain the transition. All on the tax payers dime. If you "need" those 3 things when you join the military, you are not fit to serve. No different than if you have a heart condition, seizure disorder, or poor hearing or eyesight. "It's a logistics nightmare. Let me explain: currently you can't serve in the military if you have any medical conditions that require constant treatment or excessive accommodation. That's why people with asthma, diabetes, permanent STD's/STI's (like HIV), people with cancer or a recurring history of cancer and individuals with physical disabilities can't serve (except in very rare cases where a specific waiver is granted). Transgender individuals require hormone replacement therapy, they require psychiatric care during transition, and if they elect to get surgery it can take 2-4 years for them to recover to the point of being eligible to deploy. After surgery, they are at a higher risk of infection for the rest of their life. Which complicates any attempt at sending them to the field to train where hygiene isn't always able to be pristinely maintained. An overseas deployment also puts the individual at risk because they may not have steady access to their hormone replacement drugs, which leads to withdrawal and hormone imbalances as well as health problems. So, just like diabetics and cancer patients and individuals with physical or mental disabilities, it just isn't feasible to accommodate these people so that they can serve" The taxpayers do not owe gender- reassignment surgery to anyone. Declining to foot the bill is not bigotry. Should I demand you pay for my back surgery and call you a hater if you won't? What a spoiled and entitled society! The military is for the common defense of the nation. Not for strange cultural experimentation...........

  • David J.
    07/29/2017 13:43

    Maybe being trans is a mental disorder. I'd assume being gay is as well using the same logic. Do we turn our back on the people in need? Do we make policy to disregard "them" as a person? What does that leave you when you take your last breath? You fought hard to keep a small number of people down because you had no room in your heart to try and understand the other. It's fine. I get it. Just be honest when you make your comments. Please say, "I hate gays and all the other folk. They aren't god fearing and deserve to be treated as less." That I can deal with appropriately.

  • Miranda B.
    07/29/2017 13:29

    This is awesome! Love what you stand for!

  • Deondre Y.
    07/29/2017 13:13

    I thought the Constitution makes statements on natural born citizens being apart of the military 😂

  • Nathan T.
    07/29/2017 12:49

    wow the comments here really disappoint Me

  • Robbin H.
    07/29/2017 12:47

    Be good to one another! Be respectful of one another! Take care if one another!

  • Elise A.
    07/29/2017 12:11

    I feel like tweets, posts, snaps and whatever else on social media shouldn't be taken as seriously as they are.. it was just a tweet. An idle threat. Nothing with backing behind it.

  • Tess B.
    07/29/2017 11:05

    Nevin Smith is starting to sound a lot like Trump with "lie"...."lie"......lie"......

  • Hannah E.
    07/29/2017 10:47

    Nevin Smith why does any of this matter to you? It's not your body or life. You're living the life you choose to live peacefully, let the rest of the world do the same.

  • Stan K.
    07/29/2017 08:03

    Dude looks like a lady

  • Eduàrd F.
    07/29/2017 06:21

    He's such an asshole that Frump guy. When you incite division and anger with you power, money and political are nothing more than a fascist. A modern day Orange Hitler

  • Katie D.
    07/29/2017 05:21

    She, and her thoughts, are beautiful.

  • Mark P.
    07/29/2017 05:08

    I like her. She speaks from the heart. We need more people like her.

  • Cecil L.
    07/29/2017 03:49

    This is great.

  • Kenneth M.
    07/29/2017 03:38

    Dude chill out you are a man and you will always be a man no matter what you do to your body

  • Crierwy B.
    07/29/2017 03:27

    Intersectional imperialism isnt the answer

  • Garret T.
    07/29/2017 03:21

    Personally I think the ban isn't a great idea but I also don't think it's evil or completely out of left field.

  • Ashley W.
    07/29/2017 03:20

    All the comments make me so sad.. Please find your hummanity.

  • Joe P.
    07/29/2017 03:01

    Gender dysphoria if u dont know what that means look it up