Fox News and Republicans — One in the Same?

Several Fox News employees have become Trump administration officials — but it's bigger than that. Has the network become the new arm of the GOP?

04/01/2019 12:01 PMupdated: 04/01/2019 2:31 PM


  • Jeb G.
    05/01/2019 01:41

    Fox news is the best news

  • Roy D.
    04/30/2019 00:58

    Got to go where the talent is!

  • James P.
    04/29/2019 23:12

    I guess most of you weren't watching on election night when Shepard Smith looked like he was going to have a stroke.

  • James C.
    04/28/2019 12:03

    At least they interview liberals,MSNBC wouldn't.

  • James C.
    04/28/2019 12:00

    By far the #1 cable news network,MSNBC is all Demonrat,what is the difference?This is more liberal whining.

  • Roy H.
    04/27/2019 20:35

    They are the only network to get the Russia probe. All the other networks are an arm of the Democratic party.

  • Juan M.
    04/25/2019 23:00

    All lies like you trumpo

  • Pete B.
    04/25/2019 15:14

    Why not all the others are arms of the Democrats. The dude who runs ABC is having a fund raiser for uncle Joe

  • Anthony S.
    04/25/2019 07:58

    Fox news isn't even news. They're registered as entertainment. It's more like the daily enquirer on tv. And how in the hell is Trump draining the swap when he's flooding it?

  • David A.
    04/24/2019 23:28

    All of them nothing but liars in this country..

  • Travis H.
    04/24/2019 01:15


  • Steve M.
    04/23/2019 03:42

    But it’s ok for CNN to continuously bash our president

  • Ronoldi B.
    04/23/2019 02:43

    Fox News is state media 😡

  • Ronald D.
    04/21/2019 21:35

    Whatever the top topic is for that day if it isn't in step with them their spinning it.

  • Tom W.
    04/21/2019 01:01

    Cnn Clinton network news

  • Jackie P.
    04/21/2019 00:58

    What happened to draining the swamp...looks like it is expanding . With blue collar workers taxes paying their salary!

  • Randy S.
    04/20/2019 16:01

    No, it has not "become", it always was. It was created by an unholy alliance between Reagan and Murdoch. Add Ailes and you have GOP exclusive,.

  • Laura P.
    04/20/2019 14:40

    Fox News ratings are above any other so called news networks. CNN , MSNBC , ABC , others are exposed as puppets for the Democrat socialist party . Corrupt to the core . Spew lies , fear , hatred, racism, total nonsense that isn’t hard to see .

  • Stephen S.
    04/20/2019 13:42

    Do you mean like CNN and Msnbc basically fondled Obama's sack for 8 years?

  • Mark P.
    04/19/2019 22:36

    Smart news...TRUMP 2020

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