Free tattoo removal to transform lives

This company is giving free tattoo removals — and new leases on life — to people who were incarcerated, survived sex trafficking, or are hoping to leave a troubled past behind.

INK program provides a second chance

Free tattoo removal program

The Finery is a tattoo removal studio with thirty-five locations in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Buffalo. They even have mobile units that travel throughout the northeast providing their services. What is really special about them is their INK program. The Finery’s INK program (an acronym for I Now Know) is an initiative for providing free tattoo removals to people who were formerly incarcerated, gang members, or survivors of human trafficking. This company was created in 2011 and prides its ability to give customers a second chance at life with this independently funded program.

“When other people recognize me, they'll speak to me and they'll talk to me like all the other guys. And I guess as soon as they see my neck it’s like, “This guy's a gangster or criminal or something, you know, because who would put a tattoo on a night like that?” But then I realized that I did that when I was younger, not thinking, and not something to scare people. I'm actually trying to join the Navy and the Navy, they're OK with tattoos. But the neck area, when you are a soldier or when you're in uniform, I should say, you represent something and you represent an image. And that being on your neck gives off a different image,” Jose Rodriguez shares the prejudice he faces for his tattoo with Brut.

INK program information

With the average tattoo removal session taking 8-10 sessions and costing around $2,500, the program has completed 75 removals since its creation. The process includes consultation and aftercare supervision. With Vice reporting that many inmates often brand each other with sewing needles and electric toothbrush contraptions, and end up regretting their ink, Finery Founder and CEO Carmen Brodie is currently working towards bringing a free pre-release tattoo removal program to Massachusetts’ prisons.


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  • Mehdi C.
    06/08/2020 07:40

    As far as I’m concerned it’s not your fault if you have a tattoo people should just accept and stop judging you

  • Santosh M.
    03/24/2020 08:05

    I wanna also remove my tattoo

  • Mark J.
    03/24/2020 05:29

    eto un ohh.. ano pabura na ba naten?😅

  • Chaymae A.
    03/24/2020 03:27

    Are you put cream of what after this process

  • Mouhssin M.
    03/23/2020 19:56

    wa netlbu hidaYa hhhhh

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  • Lhex T.
    03/22/2020 10:16

    pa ing.ani jud ka konh makita na saimong pader

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    mewon pala eh

  • Eva N.
    03/21/2020 19:37

    here's ur chance

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    03/20/2020 22:57

    Wish to have here in philippines

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    03/18/2020 16:14

    anung konek

  • Hanna T.
    03/17/2020 10:04

    patanggal mo na yan! Hahahaha

  • Michael M.
    03/16/2020 02:56

    There are beautiful people inevery facet of society. This is a good work . . .a good thing to do.

  • Ghitaoui A.
    03/16/2020 00:31

    can t remove a tattoo named faddadi cuz he s deeep in ma veart

  • Tagong T.
    03/12/2020 19:54

    any idea about home processing removal without any cost

  • Ivan D.
    03/12/2020 05:41

    Головой надо думать а не задницей ! Мода не когда не вечное!

  • Muzammil K.
    03/11/2020 18:14

    Can they be removed without scars on body??

  • Jaswant S.
    03/11/2020 07:50

    White spot bhi removes ho sakte h

  • Tony B.
    03/09/2020 14:44

    Seems the removal process also leaves an indelible scars on the skin.

  • Brut
    03/05/2020 17:42

    To learn more about this organization, visit The Finery.