Gay Conversion Therapy Around the U.S.

Colorado is the 17th and latest U.S. state to ban gay conversion therapy. But the debunked practice is still used in many states across the country.

Conversation Therapy Is Still Happening in the US

Almost 700,000 Americans have been through gay conversion therapy. An estimated 57,000 minors will undergo the treatment before they turn 18 according to the William Institute. The movement to ban gay conversion therapy has gained momentum. Colorado is the latest state to prohibit the practice on minors.

“So many people do commit suicide coming out of gay conversion therapy. And that's something that parents should know if they are considering putting your children through this. Would you rather have a gay child or a dead child? And that's the message that I wish any mother who's considering putting your child through this should know because, do your homework.” Jonathan Fernandez, conversion therapy survivor recounts his traumatic experience.

Since 2018, 8 states like Washington, Maryland, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado passed bills to ban or restrict the practice in some way bringing the total number of states with conversion therapy laws to 17 states such as California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Connecticut, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado.

According to UCLA’s Williams Institute, the state bans largely do not apply to conversion therapy programs by religious or spiritual advisors. The American Psychological Association reported that methods to change sexual orientation included electric shocks and nausea-inducing drugs.

Gay conversion therapy remains legal in 33 states. All except California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Connecticut, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado.


05/27/2019 12:00 PMupdated: 05/28/2019 1:49 PM


  • Michele V.
    03/10/2020 15:54

    Conversion therapy was always An inhuman and torturous fraud.

  • Elizabeth T.
    03/08/2020 01:42

    I am as conservative as they come, but this is just so so wrong. This is the 21st century and we as a nation need to stop treating homosexuality as a mental illness. Doing this to a child should be punishable as child abuse.

  • Marjorie D.
    03/07/2020 16:10

    I can't believe in this day and age, this still goes on. Leave people alone to go their own path.

  • Rul H.
    03/07/2020 07:09

    Trash recycle but many of trash can't recycle anymore so just throw away from this planet, so don't litter keep clean n use right hole

  • Nevin S.
    03/06/2020 23:30

    Welcome to your future leftards- a world full of this example- how sad. it is unbelievable that you celebrate this degeneracy

  • David J.
    03/06/2020 21:55

    Let me know when there's a brain microchip until then continue injecting them in the buttocks

  • Ali A.
    03/06/2020 21:43

    Excellent! Better than them changing childrens bodies, only for them to commit suicide after when they regret the transition! America has a very high suicide rate in youngsters who transitioned because they felt they had made the wrong decision.

  • Donna B.
    08/27/2019 20:05


  • Sharon A.
    08/15/2019 05:21

    Yes - conversion therapy, not always called by that term, but carried out in psychiatrist's offices and in inpatient psychiatry in NYC. Electroconvulsive therapy on men and women. Medications, restraints. For many years electoshock (electroconvulsive) therapy was done without anesthetics. The theory (the psychiatrist's reasoning) was that suffering was needed to bring about change. And - NO - it did not work.

  • Gee M.
    08/15/2019 04:30

    My gawd, that was painful to watch. I can’t believe this is legal.

  • Lina G.
    08/14/2019 22:36

    Mike pence deserves the hell

  • Ariana A.
    08/14/2019 20:55

    Need to out law this nation wide. Its cruel and inhumane.

  • Amel d.
    08/14/2019 16:10

    The only reason people think homosexuality is bad is because of Christianity/western culture.

  • Frank C.
    08/14/2019 16:03

    This is what our VP Pence believes in.. disgusting

  • Mel S.
    08/14/2019 15:51

    Smh this is ridiculous that it's still legal in 41 states! Wtf

  • Susan K.
    08/14/2019 14:32

    Retarded ignorant leaders, so called Christian's not.

  • Holly L.
    08/14/2019 14:16

    And yet we have people in NC who are mad that this is illegal now🙄

  • Bronze K.
    01/11/2019 10:12

    What makes it sad is because parents think being gay is a sickness. They rather want their gay child to pretend to be straight

  • Nikkie R.
    12/26/2018 01:56

    I am so sorry, I would never treat my children that way.

  • Frances S.
    09/02/2018 21:29

    I am a heterosexual and my children are also too , but I am here if you need a hug . Love you all you no matter what !

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