• Ярослав Ч.
    03/17/2021 01:04

    One of his buddies said that he stood for something but he didn’t say what he stood for.

  • Wayne P.
    03/16/2021 15:01

    Wtaf.....guy ate big lump of drugs then died....

  • Julio G.
    03/14/2021 19:34

    Autopsy showed he was loaded with various drugs including fentanyl which had more of a direct effect in his death.if he wasn’t on a multitude of drugs he most likely would have survived,but the media won’t dwell on that part.the media will just dwell on peaceful protests and the kill all the police movement.many times criminals become victims themselves and when they do they’re idolized by the media while the innocent victims suffer .

  • Troy K.
    03/14/2021 18:11

    If Kirby didn't inhale fentanyl, he'd probably still be alive

  • Forrest C.
    03/14/2021 17:43

    He never did nuffin!

  • Geoff G.
    03/14/2021 14:30

    The family of the white Australian lady who was shot by police received a settlement far less than this, does this mean white lives matter less?

  • Doug K.
    03/14/2021 09:03

    Money healed those wounds pretty quick.

  • Victor A.
    03/14/2021 07:42

    A common criminal!!

  • Marcy B.
    03/14/2021 02:26

    I still stand for you and will never ever forget you. You did not deserve to die this way. You did not deserve to be treated the way you were moments before your death. You’re the unsung hero that led a phenomenal change of how we want to be treated by police. You woke up Americans who were deeply in denial of how very much racism is rooted in policing and in communities. You also raised up new fighters that will continuously fight for injustices to be righted. I hope you are resting in peace knowing that you did matter, you still matter today and forever will matter in the future.

  • Karen R.
    03/14/2021 01:35

    And the beat goes on. They pay off the family and cops are acquited and another cop kill another Black man and it starts all over again. No healing nobody changes or take a responsibility for their actions.

  • Francisco D.
    03/13/2021 23:59

    What about those houses business establishments they loot and burn, no compensation?

  • Thomas M.
    03/13/2021 23:48

    I'm done.....

  • Jerry R.
    03/13/2021 21:03

    The crime was vomited in the lawsuit. Just as he was comiting crimes. The policeman followed protocal. Floyd did not.

  • James J.
    03/13/2021 20:15

    George Floyd was a career criminal and he isn't a hero. He got what he deserved

  • Nga M.
    03/13/2021 19:12

    Only in America

  • Matthias V.
    03/13/2021 18:07

    Stop. It’s a tragic death and a result of racism. It powers Black Life Matters. But at the end he was a normal guy, like u and me. No more no less.

  • Bernardo A.
    03/13/2021 18:01

    All that money for die because fentanyl overdose wow sounds great

  • Michelle P.
    03/13/2021 17:52

    Can someone explain to me why 14 people find any of this funny? 🤔🤷‍♀️

  • Taha B.
    03/13/2021 17:41

    27 Mill 😭

  • Trang L.
    03/13/2021 17:00

    What’s a joke

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